Hurricane Sandy On New York – The City never Sleeps

Hurricane Sandy On New York
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Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 08:43 pm

Hurricane Sandy On New York
Hurricane Sandy On New York

New York city looks like the set of disaster movie this morning and Manhattan goes dark and more than 6 million without electricity power and more than 16 dead as superstorm Sandy  throws a 15 foot wall of water at US coast. The United States city shut its schools, the stock exchange, Broadway, closed several bridges and tunnels,  and its mass transit system and ordered hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to leave home to get out of the way as Sandy zeroed in.


New York city’s 911 receiving 20,000 calls per hour. An extraordinary storm consisting not only of rain and high, wind but also snow. New York and Boston, with stinging rain and gusts of 85mph and found casualties reported in Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Seven New York city subway tunnels were flooded, at least five deaths were reported. Some of the victims were killed by falling trees.

Airlines have cancelled nearly 14,000 flights and more cancellations expected as Hurricane Sandy Barrels up the Atlantic coast of United States Of America. Thousands of passengers are now waiting out the storm across the world, in travels hubs including London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Delta Air Lines reported that “limited flying is expected to resume”. Lufthansa airlines has cancelled Tuesday flights through the New York area’s John K. Kennedy and Newark Liberty international airports. A New Jersey nuclear plant is on high alert as flood water threatens the cooling system of its spent uranium fuel rods.

High winds and flooding from the superstorm are expected up to about $20 billion in damage. Wall Street is expected to remain close today, while the United Nations cancelled all meetings at its New York headquarters. It will be the first time that the New York Stock Exchange will remain closed for two consecutive days since 1888.

Residents in New York city are trying to salvage normal routines, jogging and snapping pictures of waters while officials strictly warned them not to do so. Production  was affected on many TV shows, including “Gossip Girl”, “Person of Interest”, “666 Park Avenue” and all 40 broadway theaters will be dark through. In Times Square, restaurants, electronics shops and hotels were sending employees home before 7pm, when the city’s subways closed.

The Canadian Hurricane Center also expects the storm at eastern Ontario and western Quebec with potentially damaging winds up to 100 kilometers per hour. The Center also said that in some areas over 50 millimeters rain expected and rain could change into snow over central Ontario.
It is a massive storm with high storm force winds that extend some 800 kilometers from its center.

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