Huawei Vision For Blind – Review

Huawei Vision For Blind
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Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 08:14 pm

There are two types of smartphones that are available in the market. One type is made for common users that have good seeing and listening abilities whereas one type is specially designed for visually impaired people. National Federation of the Blind (NFB) also filed petition in the court that special smartphones should be made for them that are easy to use and good audio quality. Huawei has listened to them and has come up with a really good smartphone called Huawei Vision.


About Huawei Vision

As you all know by this time that Huawei Vision is a specially designed smartphone for Visually Impaired people so it comes with special features. Most of its features make it really an awesome handset. It uses Google’s Android OS but many changes have been made to this OS so that it can be used by blind people. As you place your finger on the screen and start moving it, a sound is played that tells you about you movement and the progress of a function. For instance, if you have opened up the contact list and you want to scroll down the screen, a sound will be played telling you that screen is being scrolled down.

Huawei Vision For Blind
Huawei Vision For Blind

There is also multi touch navigation system in this handset that makes the search function perform at a faster pace. If you purchase this handset from Odin Mobile, you will be given a special presentation by the support staff about how to use this phone easily. I must say that most of the features of this phone are really great and up to the promises made by Huawei.

Voice Recognition System

Another good thing about Huawei Vision is that, it comes with a voice recognition system too. The only problem with this system is that, it only applies to a few apps so far. However, it is still good news because in the time to come, you will be able to operate almost any app with the help of voice recognition system. The handset can still perform many basic functions required by a user. For example; you can call the name of a person and system will dial their number. You can open an e-book by speaking the name of its title. The handset doesn’t support all the functions as Apple Siri but it is a good addition in this market.

What about the apps?

As mentioned earlier in this post, the purpose of this handset is to assist people with poor vision or complete blindness to use a smartphone easily. The good news is that, most of the functions that should be performed by a handset can be done easily Huawei vision. However, there are a lot of apps that still don’t support the voice recognition and gesture navigation system of this handset. One can only assume that things will get better in the days to come.

Have you also come across such a smartphone that is specially designed for visually impaired people? If yes then how was your experience? If there is anything, please share with us we will be happy to cover it for you.

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