HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

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HTC Windows Phone 8X Review
HTC Windows Phone 8X Review

First we saw that iPhone made a great entry in smartphone world and took everyone by craze and after
that there was Android which is still dominating the smartphone industry. Almost 75% smartphone
users are Android users but there is one more contender that couldn’t afford to stay back and that was
Microsoft who always wanted to bring a mobile version of its Windows OS. Well, finally they have been
able to do so as we have seen some mobiles by HTC and Nokia using Windows 7.5 and also Windows
8 as well. Today, we are going to review yet another Windows phone that has recently arrived in the
market. This time, it is HTC that has decided to try its luck with Windows phone because the Android
flagship of HTC is really failing since Samsung has started producing its Android smartphones. The
smartphone in question is HTC Windows Phone 8X.

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Design and build

The smartphone is designed in a very simple way and its slim and square corner will grab your attention
very quickly. By taking a look at the front side of this phone, once might consider it a complete business
smartphone but the backside of the phone has a complete Weekend look. Looks like HTC has really
decided to jump in the battle of impressive designs again (I was and I’m still a big fan of HTC designs).
This is a unibody phone that looks and feels really good in hands. While using this phone, I have done
different things like I have kept it in my side pocket of pant, in my back pant pocket and also in front
shirt pocket as well. While working with other people, I have handed the phone to many people who
were working on the same project with me. Nobody every complained about the design or weight of the
handset which is a good thing for HTC.


The 8X has a length of 5.2 inches and the width is 2.6 inches. Of course, there are all those great
features included in the phone that you can expect to have with latest Windows 8. It has a 4.3-inch
Super LCD 2 display and the screen resolution is completely HD 1280x720p.

OS and apps

It seems that HTC is very enthusiastic about the latest smartphone series they are bringing based on
Windows and that is a good sign for this company. However, Windows is not like Android in which any
phone maker can make different changes so you will get mostly what other phone makers will provide
to their users in their Win 8 phones.


Well, I must say that I’m impressed with the quality of pictures taken form HTC 8X’s camera. This
smartphone really knows how to take a good shot. The color accuracy is great; it can detect sharp edges
easily so the picture quality and detail is just superb. Another good thing about HTC 8X’s camera is that,
it doesn’t make any mistakes. Once you tap the camera button, it takes photo in an instant without
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