HTC One review

HTC One review

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 01:29 am

I love it whenever HTC comes up with a new smartphone in the market. HTC One series has been one of the best series of smartphones ever introduced in the market by any company. I would say that I’m really impressed with the specifications and performance of HTC One that has been recently introduced by HTC. I’m going to review this marvelous smartphone for you people here in this post right now.



The overall design of HTC one is really impressive made of metal. It has got a quad-core processor. The 4.7 inch screen has 1080p resolution. It runs on Android Jelly Bean, the camera result of HTC One is simply mind blowing and there are so many other things that are introduced by HTC in this new smartphone. Just like HTC One X and One XL, the HTC One has also got a sealed body. It means, there is no SDcard slot or removable battery. There are some software flaws in the phone that can’t be removed and most importantly, you will not find this phone on Verizon. Overall, the HTC One is simply a great device for Android lovers. This is the kind of smartphone I have been waiting for since a long time.

HTC One review
HTC One review


The design of HTC one can be well defined with the help of words like Flat, Rectangular and extremely-thin. The smartphone is practically all-screen. The screen size of HTC One is 4.7 inches and it has got 1080p LCD display. The company calls it SoLux technology that helps the screen to show better picture and video quality. Its screen has got 468 pixels per inch (ppi). After using the phone, I can openly say that this is one of the best smartphone ever introduced in the market.

The front of the HTC One is metallic gray and I must say that, I have never seen a smartphone design like this. I’m truly amazed by the design of HTC One. The front side of HTC One is all about screen. You can find the volume rocker buttons on the left side, 3.5 mm volume jack on top along with power/ sleep button. The USB port for charging or data transfer is available at the bottom of HTC One.

OS, UI and Features

In any smartphone, the most important thing to consider is its OS, UI and features. At the moment, HTC One runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2. Keep in mind that at the moment, latest version of Android Jelly Bean is 4.2.2 but HTC will definitely roll-out an upgrade for its users real soon. If you truly want to enjoy using an android smartphone then you have got to purchase HTC One. It has got all the basic applications that are required for any person using Android OS like Google+, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter etc.

Facebook has recently launched a new OS for smartphones called Facebook Home and HTC One is from only few of those smartphones that are eligible for that OS as well. The features of this smartphone are amazing too. It has got a quad-core processor and 4 Ultra Pixel Camera. The Camera quality of HTC is mind blowing. I have never seen any smartphone capturing such great pictures.

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