HTC First review

HTC First review
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 01:14 am

If we talk about the top 3 smartphone making companies then HTC is always ranked in that chart. A couple of years ago, HTC was on number 2 position after Apple but then came Samsung flooding in the market and swiped HTC from second position to third. Still, HTC has got a good reputation in the market and it is also coming up with really impressive smartphone. Personally, I’m a big fan of HTC products as compared to Samsung. For instance, I liked HTC One X instead of Samsung Galaxy SIII and now, I’m in love with HTC One while my friends like Samsung Galaxy S4.


Today, I’m going to discuss HTC First in this post. This is a new handset introduced by HTC.


HTC First has the honor to run Facebook Home OS for the first time. You can really enjoy using your Facebook with the help of HTC First. If you want, you can use the UI of Android Jelly Bean 4.1 as well. The Price of this smartphone is very economical. However, if you are not using Facebook Home on HTC First, you will not be able to enjoy all the features. There is no removable battery or microSD Slot in this device at all. Those people who are crazy about Facebook will definitely love this phone. However, if your friends keep using your phone then you will have no privacy as Facebook Home shows your wall timeline as live wallpaper.

HTC First review
HTC First review

The Facebook Home OS

HTC First is all about Facebook Home and without this OS; it loses its meaning completely. The main reason why HTC made this phone was for the users to enjoy Facebook Home OS. You should search on the internet about Facebook Home and how it works to get a better idea. If you always want to stay in touch with your Facebook friends and their updates then Facebook Home is the best OS for you. However, if you are the one who doesn’t like Facebook a lot then you should avoid buying HTC First as well. You will see the latest posts on your home screen f./rom your Facebook account. All these posts will be shown as live wallpaper in a slide show manner.

Design and Build

As I said earlier, HTC First is nothing without Facebook Home. The overall body design of HTC First is quite good. It has got well shaped corners and the body design is similar to hundreds of other smartphones available in the market. It doesn’t have a removable battery and microUSB slot which you may not like. The handset is completely sealed and there is not a lot that you can do with its body.

Applications and Android OS

Besides Facebook Home OS, Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is also installed in this smartphone. By default, it runs Facebook Home but you can disable it by going into settings. This will bring you back to Android Jelly Bean experience.

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