HTC Desire 826 – Price & Specification Details 2015


Are you looking for a new smart phone to feel different?

People have a lot of reasons to change their mobile phones. With smart phones emerging as a necessity over the period of time, this frequency of this change is increasing. HTC is one of the popular brands dominating the market when it comes to android phones and “HTC Desire 826″ is one of their latest ventures. It is a sleek light phone and expected to hit the market in January 2015. The smart phone is loaded with Android lollipop 5.0 enhancing the chances of running all the latest android applications comfortably.


Now, let’s move towards a clear drawback which was quite apparent when the first snapshot was revealed. Desire 826 does not have to offer a lot of innovation when it comes to the design and appearance. The model seems a blend of two previous models launched by the company, HTC Desire 820 and HTC Desire Eye. Hence, if you are seeking something out of the ordinary in terms of design, you can expect some disappointment. The screen size also has not been increased in this latest launch. HTC desire 826 comes with the same 5.5 inch screen like HTC Desire 820. If you are a person who is seeking a smart metal body, this model would not be your preference because it comes with the matt plastic finish.


Drilling down into the details of Desire 826

For any smart phone, the camera proves to be a big source of attraction for any consumer. Particularly, when a company launches a new model, something exclusive is expected by the customer. HTC Desire 826 has a 13MP camera and a 4MP front camera as well. The sensor is the same as HTC Desire 820 and exceptional results are expected from this model. If you look at the appearance of this model and compare it with HTC desire 820, you would figure out that the basic appearance is but this new model is sleeker.

HTC Desire 826 price

Looking at the technical details of HTC Desire 826

This new launch is packed with the powerful 64-bit, octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615. In addition to that, it provides complete support for microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC cards up to a memory size of 128 GB. Along with that, the phone also has an internal built in memory of 16GB. Although the screen size is the same of 5.5 inches but this model has more improved resolution of 1080 by 1920 pixels. On the other hand, the overall specifications of the model does not have much new to offer. Most consumers are already comparing it with the HTC desire 820. Desire 826 is a cost effective model and there is no doubt about this fact. If you are looking for a smart phone which is not highly expensive and falls in the mid range category, desire 826 would be a definite buy for you. A lot of people who would be buying this model for other reasons would do that because they are brand specific consumers of HTC.

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