HTC Butterfly S


Here goes the bang! HTC adds a new member “HTC Butterfly S” to its family. Well, ever since its inception, HTC has been doing wonders and within no time it gained fame and prosperity. The company proudly launches products every season and to our surprise, the launch this time is no more than a revolution. The article here focuses on what really the new phone is and what makes it distinct and better than other launches. So let us start with the brief introduction and then the detailed features of the masterpiece.


Specifications of HTC Butterfly S:

Butterfly S is a touch screen preloaded phone with various distinct features including SD micro card area, great internet speed, and ultra high resolution camera with a 3 LCD display. It has a weight of 160 grams and a size of 144.5 x 70.5 x 10.6mm. Moreover, the display is 5 inches of full HD Glass 3 screen with 1080p and 440ppi.

Features of HTC Butterfly S:

The features of this Smartphone include the following:

  • Butterfly S consists of a BlinkFeed option that enables the user to see the feeds at the home screen.
  • It has a BoomSound option that enables more sound projection and a good quality sound.
  • It provides an option which leads to the clustering of photos and playing them in 30 seconds like a mini movie.
  • It has a long lasting battery time with a 3200 mAh battery which leads to longer hours of phone usage.
  • The larger screen, having 440 ppi screen resolution, enables a display of high resolution images with defined details, captivating colors, and clarity from every direction.
  • The phone is durable as it consists of a scratch resistant screen.

So if you are thinking about buying a good phone and you do not have any idea what to buy, then going for this Smartphone would definitely be the best decision of your life. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.