HP Slate 2

HP Slate 2

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:15 pm

Who in the world doesn’t know about HP? Of course, we all know very much about this company and why they are famous. No matter in what part of the world you live, you will always find electronic products manufactured by HP in your surroundings. In today’s post, we are not going to talk about the great products that have been made by HP but we are going to review one of their tablet PCs called HP Slate 2.

HP Slate 2
HP Slate 2

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The Good Things about HP Slate 2

  • The design is compact, it looks good and the build quality is great.
  • Navigation has been made easy with the help of finger touch and stylus.
  • An optional docking stand is available.

The Bad Things about HP Slate 2

  • The internal storage is quite limited
  • There is no standard mobile broadband but optional only.
  • The battery life is not great, it could have been improved.
  • The processing speed is not up to mark for certain tasks.
  • There is no keyboard dock available with the tablet.


If you talk about the standard tablets that are available in the market then the size of HP Slate 2 is small as compared to all other standard tabs. The screen size of this tablet is only 8.9 inches but the good thing is the resolution provided by it i.e. 1024×768 pixels. Overall design of the tablet looks good and you will be impressed with it for sure.


If you are a windows user then you will find this tablet really great for your use. It runs on Windows 7 32-bit Operating system. It has got a multi touch screen and it responds very well to the touch of fingers and the stylus. It is up to you whether you want to use it with your fingers or the stylus provided with the tablet.


The processor installed in HP Slate 2 is Intel’s 1.5GHz Atom Z670 that is backed by 2GB of RAM. It must be admitted here that the processor is not up to the mark and it will slow down the device while you are trying to perform a function. In my personal experience, the tablet slowed down even when I had only a few apps running in the background. Certain apps will take their time to load and if you are running some video on the internet, it may not make the device slow down. So, in my view the tablet could have used a better and high speed processor.

Performance & Battery Life

I have already told you that the HP Slate 2 is not a powerful and fast running tablet so you better keep this fact in mind. If you are willing to use this tablet for high-end purposes then you better not go for HP Slate 2. However, if you intend to give a simple presentation to a small group then this tablet can work best for you.

What do you think about this brief review of HP Slate 2? If you have anything in your mind, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in comments section.

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