How You can Promote a Post on Facebook

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Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:44 pm

With every passing day, Facebook is coming up with new improvements. Facebook’s main source of earning is its advertisement program and you should keep it in mind. With the latest improvement offered by Facebook, not only you can promote your own post on Facebook by you can also help a friend by promoting one of their posts too. It is quite obvious that the promote option is not for free so you will have to pay the fee for promoting a post on Facebook.

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What are Promoted Posts?

A month ago, we saw that Facebook was trying to come up with a new idea and the name of that idea was “Highlighted Posts”. However, that idea has been finalized by Facebook now and the new name of that feature is “Sponsored Posts”. Facebook has also launched an official page to explain how a person can promote his or his friend’s post on Facebook.

If you create a new post and publish it on Facebook, it is only seen by those people who are either in your friends list or they are following you. Same is the case with fan pages too. If you want your post to be impactful then you will have to go with the option of Sponsored Post/ Promote Post.

You should know that the post promoted by you will not be displayed to just any person on Facebook but these will be displayed to those people who share the common interest. These posts work just like the advertisement program of Facebook but the main difference is that, instead of displaying these posts in the advertisement section, Facebook displays these posts in the News Feed of other people.

Promote a Post on Facebook
Promote a Post on Facebook

How to Promote a Post on Facebook

Promoting a post on Facebook is very easy. Thanks to the design engineers of Facebook who always come up with simple to use ideas that can be easily understood by common people. Once you share a post on your Facebook timeline, you can decide who will be able to see that post and to whom that post will not be shown. Below your post, there are “Post” and “Public” buttons. By clicking on Publish button, your post will be submitted but if you want to make your post visible to limited audience then you can change the option of Public to Custom. A new addition is of promote button. By clicking on promote button, you can actually advertise your post to different people. Of course, you will have to pay to Facebook for promotion of that post. As long as your post will be promoted a simple text ‘sponsored’ will be displayed on its side.

The funding will be deducted from your primary funding source that you have added to Facebook. You can manage your fund and payments by visiting the Manager section of your Facebook account.

Have you ever tried to promote your post? What are your thoughts about promote post option of Facebook?

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