How to use YouTube Video Manager

YouTube video manager
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Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:30 pm

The Video Manager in YouTube allows you to quickly and easily manage your number  of videos, from within the video manager, you can edit your video, upload videos, move or delete file, change the title or description of your videos and many more. This simple tool can save a lot of time when you simply need to manage your video. The main features includes its top and left navigation bars to help to get tools more quickly, also introduces privacy icons.

YouTube video manager
YouTube video manager

In this  tutorial, you can learn that how to manage your YouTube video manager. First you sign in to your YouTube account and then to go to the video manager, The main video manager page will have a left hand side bar and at the top is an ‘Upload’ button.

You can find a lot of options to manage your video in one place that your uploads, playlists, history, watch laters, favorites and your likes.

  • Sign in to your YouTube account and press username of  your screen.
  • Click on Playlists in sidebar of video manager and find the playlist you want to edit. The main interesting thing is a edit button, click it and edit screen that lets you change all sorts of information, description and privacy.
  • Click and drag the video to position you want.
  • The list will auto auto update as you finish each change.
  • Click save at the top page to confirm your changes.
How to use YouTube Video Manager
How to use YouTube Video Manager


Main Column

The video manager gives you a numerous information in the main YouTube channel. The column header has two buttons in the navigation bar, ‘Add To’ and ‘Actions’. The Add To button lets your video to a playlist and Actions button lets you delete your videos, set your privacy setting or copyright preference.

There is a Search Box that very effective when you want to find a video from a long  list of uploads. There are also some other icons in the video box that tell you if the video is public, monetized and how many times it has been viewed and how many comments  or likes are there.

Edit Button

The most interesting button is the “Edit” button in a video box. Click it and you go to edit screen and change all sorts of information, description and tags to privacy and much more. In the main navigation bar on this page, you will manage Setting, Monetize your video, technically enhance, annotate, set captions, view your video on YouTube search page and return to video manager homepage.

On the top of header, you will find the total numbers of videos  and you  can also check these videos by newest or older sorting and you can manage your videos list and alter the title of videos. There is another very important option of Analytics, through which you can very easily estimates that how many likes and dislikes, users feedbacks about videos and account settings.

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