How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter Tips For Business

Last updated January 29th, 2015 at 11:35 pm

How to Use Twitter for Business


Twitter is another online social networking service that helps its users to send and read text messages of up to 140 characters and commonly known as “tweets”. It was created in 2006 and has more than 500 million active users as of 2012. Twitter has become one of the top ten most visited websites on the internet, since its launch.

Twitter is one of the best platform for improving your business expansion and marketing. If you are looking for new ideas to twitter marketing, here are 0 Twitter marketing tips:

How to Use Twitter for Business

1: Share your own Content

Tryto craft your content tweets, @replies and promotional tweets with a unique style that matches your personality or your business brand.

You just add value strategic and mindful about how you tweet. Then you’ll see a reasonable improvement in your re-tweet and click through rates.

2: Share links to content

Sharing links to content is, more effective at growing the followers then engaging with them in conversation. Conversation is also useful in helping people to like you, but if you want to increase your fan base, you should need to share more links than @replies.

3: Connect with right person for tweet

First you find the people who are in your region and interested in your industry, then start following them. Secondly, after you find your targeted audience, don’t just tweet at them – tweet with them. Follow their conversation and anyone who talks about your brand then help them with their concerns. Keep focus on followers that anyone who talks about your industry. By doing these tactics, you run a successful Twitter campaign that will give your brand exposure as a leader in your industry.

4: Engage your Audience

Find ways to engage your audience, by sharing articles of interest, leading discussions on topics important or related to your industry, answering questions. It’s all about creating relationships and building trust. Although they may not be your clients now but it will pay you in future.

5: Use hash tags (#)

Use hash tags to create conversations around your brand, you can reward your followers when they participate by re-tweeting them. For example, the Birmingham Food Bank (@BFoodBank) gave followers a challenge: Try to spend less than 5 pound/day on food, and tweet about it by using #foodchallenge.

6: Use Twitter to ask Questions

Twitter is a great way to get answer to questions. Trying to figure out what your customers need? Use Twitter to ask them. Be sure that it is not a scientific survey, but it can give you an immediate response, that will more productive.

7: Be a good Twitter Citizen

Keep always one thing in mind that, more followers doesn’t necessarily consider your win. So you should persuade your Twitter followers to promote you. There’s no denying that these new types of communication and connections are more powerful and becoming important, and that’s why your business should be on Twitter for long time.

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