How To Use Pinterest Secret Boards


Last updated January 16th, 2015 at 07:54 pm

At last, pinterest has released its most wanted feature, the secret boards which was the most demanded feature from pinterest users. Before this only Facebook users were enjoying the easy privacy, but now this function is also added to pinterest, not as best as Facebook but is best enough to meet the needs. As pinterest users are enjoying this feature for the first time, we are giving to some to how to use these three secret boards which are added in pinterest. So let’s start now.


How To Use Pinterest Secret Boards

How To Use Pinterest Secret Boards

1: Cure tips

Pinterest is the place where you can find any thing of your taste. There people publish tips and tricks of different types and tell the entire story in a single photo. There on pinterest people who have interest in medicines or other medical related profession share a lot of tips and tricks. Once I had find a magical trick about teeth whiting and if you also find tips and trips of this kind you can place them in these secret boards and can see them whenever you want.

Cure tips

2: Arts and Craft tips

Some days ago I have seen a picture in which pinterest user described a method to make a beautiful flower box to decor home. There are many users on pinterest who post content like that. You can pin these pictures and videos on to your secret boards and can try to make these beautiful things.

Arts and Craft tips

3: Collect Wedding Ideas

Pinterest is the girls’ place where everyone can get ideas about their wedding, such as girls can collect ideas about their wedding dress, about wedding rings, wedding places and other things. Boys can also collect ideas about their wedding, they can collect picture of good looking dresses and ties. They can also save some pictures of hand bags for their lovely wives.

Collect Wedding Ideas

4: Make Surprises

If you got a lot of followers on pinterest which waits for your pins and if you have some stuff which can amaze them then make a secret board and put the interesting content in it and after putting enough content  then change the privacy of the board from secret to open.

Make Surprises

5: Use as Pictures and Videos clouds

You can use these secret boards as your free pictures and videos hosting. You can put your important pictures and videos in secret boards. So only you can see them and can use them later.

Use as Pictures and Videos clouds

6: Gather content for important events

 Well on every important event like Eids in Islam and Christmas in Christians and other events like valentine day people share a lot of beautiful and amazing pictures and a lot of greeting cards. You can save them in your secret pinterest boards and can use them on every important event and can share with others.

Gather content for important events

7: Save your Memories

If you have some beautiful pictures and videos of your childhood or of teenage or if you have some secret photos with your girlfriend then you can put in pinterest secret boards and can see your memories whenever you want. If mention this use here because most people did not want to show these type of pictures to others.

Save your Memories

So these are the some tips to use pinterest secret boards, hope you like them. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.