How to use lnstagram effectively


Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 07:58 pm

lnstagram is the skyrocketing social network for visual, image loving people. This presents massive opportunities for creatives to subtly promote their own work and to engage with an audience who are hungry for your authentic visual voice. With the launch of the app on Android and its recent buyout by Facebook, lnstagram’s phenomenal growth is only set to continue. Here’s how to make the most of it:


1. The basics

As with Twitter, you’ll need a decent profile pic (preferably a photo of you}, a meaningful bio and a link to your blog/site. If possible, choose the same username as on Twitter.


2. What should I post?

If you’re an individual creative or an agency, it’s pretty much a no brainer to post shots of work in progress but they don’t all have to be finished deliverables though, think more of teasers. Don’t post shots only of work though; let your creative eye wander I personally have a fetish for decaying sheds (don’t ask!) – If it’s visually engaging and is evidence of your creative mindset then it’s fair game. Shoot.

3. Generating a buzz

Initially you won’t have much interaction (comments/likes) on your stuff. Don’t panic! Like anything else worth doing, it’ll take a bit of time and effort before you start to see result. A few ways to encourage interaction are: like other folk’s photos, follow other people (but don’t go overboard, it’s more authentic if you actually review all the photos in your feed), tag your shots with relevant tags (for example, #wall, #texture, #colour etc.).

4. Gotchas

You can’t tag other people’s photos- this always confuses newbies. Also, if you respond to someone who has commented on one of your photos, you must mention their name (or they won’t be notified of the comment).

These were some tips for using Instagram Effectively.

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