How to Use Google+ Hangouts

How to Use Google+ Hangouts

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:00 pm

How to Use Google+ Hangouts
How to Use Google+ Hangouts

Google+, a new social networking tool. This allows you to video chat, IM chat, watch videos together and much more. Google+ has been updating the Hangout features regularly. There are two types of hangouts, regular and extras. Let’s see step by step that how we use these hangouts.


1. Google+ Home Screen

First go to the Google+ home screen and see your friend’s activity. In right sidebar, see Hangouts section. Simply click on green button “Start a hangout”.

2. Check Your Camera and Microphone.

A pop up window will ask you to check your video camera and microphone, and then click “Add more people” a drop down menu will help you to selecting circles.

3. Inviting More People & Instant Messaging

You can add or invite more people into the hangout by simply pressing the “Invite” Button. Press
the “add” link to select circles to add to the room. Press “chat” button from the toolbar, type your
message in the box and press enter to send, from this you can easy send instant message to
everyone in the hangout.

4. Watching YouTube

You can watch YouTube videos with everyone in the room; press the “YouTube” button. When
you press it then YouTube will pop-up in the main windows for everyone and then you begin
pick the videos to watch.

5. Mute Video & Microphone

Mute your videos by pressing “Mute Video” icon. This will make it your camera blacks out and
no one can see you in the room. Similarly, to mute your microphone, press icon “Mute Mic”.

6. Change Setting of Camera and Microphone.

You can change your camera and microphone setting by choosing the icon that’s second from the right. A popup window will appear and you can adjust your options according to your requirements.

Hangouts with Extras

1. If you want to use some new features, click “Try hangouts with extras”. This feature is available for a limited time period.

2. Once you clicked, you’ll be taken to the “green room” where you can check your microphone, fix your name; be sure to select a unique name. You can invite a whole circle or just one or two persons by selecting from the drop down list or simply tying the desired name.

3. Press “Start hangout”. It is a public hangout and anyone with the URL can join

4. Hangout with extra allows you and your friends to video chat while you work on Google document. Click the plus sign to add the document to the hangout, and click “select” to choose the document you’d like to share and this document will show up in the left portion of the video screen.

5. You can share your screen by clicking the “Share screen” button with others.

Choose a window to share. Select windows then click share, or to stop sharing simply click “Stop sharing” button at the top of the page.

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