How to Use Events on Google+ Basic Setup


Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:59 pm

How to Use Events on Google+ Basic Setup
How to Use Events on Google+ Basic Setup

Google+ introduced a new feature Google+ Events in June 2012, a social event management tool. Google+ Events can simplify social event planning and makes it easy to create and manage a wide variety of events, including:

  • Private events, such as family gatherings, parties, or business meetings.
  • Public events, such as conferences, training courses and workshops.
  • Google+ Hangouts. A hangout is a live video chat up to 9 other Google+ users.
  • Google+ Hangouts on Air. Hangouts on Air enable you to broadcast you on the web and save it as YouTube video for further use.


Getting Started

In order to set up any of these Google+ Events, you’ll need a Google+ business page or Google+ user profile, simply click on the Event icon and get started.

1: Basic Non-Public Event on Location

This Event is perfect for hosting an employee party; you can simply use basic Create Event
option and fill all the details such as location, date, time and invitees. You can invite entire
circles or add email addresses.
Clicking on Event option, you can allow guest to invite their friends and share photos of event,
if you don’t want your guest to bring their friends then uncheck these options which are enabled
by default.

If you’re those guests who can’t make it to your party then you can always allow them to participate virtually via Google+ Hangout.

2: Advanced Google+ Hangout Option

This Google+ Event is perfect for virtual meeting or Hangout for up to 10 employees, colleagues
and clients. All guests will receive an email and Google+ notification that makes it easy to join
the party. These Hangouts can be accessed by smart phones.

3: Public Event on Location

This is not to be confused with broadcasting the event on air, it simply means that your non-
virtual event will be open to public and anyone can view and share invitation and upload photos.

This is great opportunity if you’re sponsoring sports, charity or any type of event where you’re looking to increase public participation.

Google+ user can search and find public on air event by clicking on Find More Events link on Event page.

4: Promote Hangout on Air and Broadcast a Virtual Event.

If you’re putting together a cooking demonstration, interview with an expert or any presentation
that you want to broadcast. First set up Google+ Event using Event on air option. Be sure to
explain to guests that the broadcast will be presented live and the link to watch will be provided
a few minutes prior to the event. Next set up live broadcast of your presentation, allowing the

content to be live streamed and recorded to YouTube. Finally, once your broadcast has begun,
copy and paste the embed link into your Google+ Event invite.


5: Newsroom with Hangouts on Air

Many brands have knows the value of live broadcasting events within Google+, making the Google+ news feed truly live news feed delivery system. Very cool! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.