How to use Dropbox in an effective way

How to use Dropbox in an effective way
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Last updated September 4th, 2013 at 05:53 pm

How to use Dropbox in an effective way
How to use Dropbox in an effective way

Cloud storage is on the rise these days and there are so many companies on the internet offering cloud storage facility. However, one name that we all can trust is Dropbox because they are really offering some great cloud storage services. Even if you don’t want to pay for cloud storage, you can use Dropbox in a limited manner. Being a blogger or freelance worker, you really need something like Dropbox to increase your productivity. However, the question is how you can use it effectively?


In this post, I’m going to describe how Dropbox can be used in an effective way so you can get most out of it. Those who don’t know about Dropbox, the below paragraph is dedicated to all of them. After brief introduction, we will move towards some efficient methods to use Dropbox.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is an application that lets you store and share files online and the best thing about this application is that, it is really easy to use. The interface is very simple so anyone can understand how to work with it. You can do many things with Dropbox like, storing files online, sharing download links with other and accessing your data anywhere in the world.

Using Dropbox effectively

Synchronize your passwords: You must be using different social media websites and should be a member of many other forums and online websites that require you to login by using your ID and Password. Now, remembering all those complicated passwords is not simple, right? Well, with the help of Dropbox, you can solve this issue easily. I use RoboForm to store all my passwords and with the help of Dropbox, I can keep all my account and password information synchronized. You can move your RoboForm profile to a folder in your Dropbox and point all your computers towards that folder. Next time, you will not need to remember a password because it will be saved in your Dropbox and your computer will be able to access it directly.

Simple Networking

If you have made an account on Dropbox, you can use it on multiple computers and devices. This helps you create a simple network. Whenever, you update your Dropbox folder, a notification is issued on all the computers linked with your Dropbox account and it really makes file sharing easy. There is no complicated process involved, just install Dropbox in the required computer and login using your ID and Password. All your files will be automatically synchronized among the computers in that network.

Download Link Sharing

Dropbox makes it really simple to share downloadable file links to anyone. The person with whom you are sharing the download link does not need to be a Dropbox user. If you will open your Dropbox account, you will find a link option in front of each file. Just click on that option and a link will be generated to share with anyone. Once a person will open that link, the download process will began.

This option becomes very handy when you have to share classified information with someone and you don’t want the files to be hosted on third party cloud servers.

In simple words, Dropbox can make your online life very easy and simple. I’m personally using Dropbox since last three years and I would recommend all of you to go for this great application.

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