How to Turn off Twitter Notifications

Turn off Twitter notifications

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:07 pm

Twitter is used by millions of people daily, when you sign up for Twitter, your account is automatically configured to receive email alerts when someone follows you or receive direct messages. Twitter now enhances its ‘Email notification’; it adds some features like sending direct messages etc. If you do not want to receive these auto notifications, you can disable them in your Twitter account settings.

Turn off Twitter notifications
Turn off Twitter notifications

Sometimes you get bored and don’t want to get a ridiculous amount of emails that you don’t want to have it. Now let us see step by step procedure to block email notifications:

How to Turn Off Twitter Email Notifications

#1: Go to twitter web page.

#2: Login with your username and password.

#3: Click on setting link at the top of the page.


#4:  Go to email notifications tab.

  • Here you find the main page in which different types of check box are enabled by default.  For example you find headings
  • Activity related to you and your tweets
  • Activity from your network
  • Updates from Twitter

#5:  Press the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of the page and now your email notification system is disabled properly and you no longer receive any email from Twitter as a notification.

If you want to act again or enabled email notifications just enable these check boxes for your desire.

How to Turn Off Mobile Notifications through your mobile message

  • You can change your mobile notifications through your handset mobile easily:
  • Send the message with the word ON/OFF to your codes
  • Twitter will reply if you’re using 2 way short codes
  • Text OFF if you do not receive  any messages from Twitter via short message
  • Similarly text ON to receive sms

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