How to Share Email Address Publicly Without any Spamming Risk

Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:28 pm

People have achieved a lot in the field of technology. Lots of email service providers are holding the email share market but it is becoming doomed by the use of social networks like Facebook, Twitter day by day. But still people are using emails as how they used to use it half a decade ago. Isn’t it surprising that the functionality of emails has not died till this time. Even after using social networks like Facebook and Twitter people still give them to emails. It seems that email will last some more decades.

Share Email Address Publicly Without any Spamming Risk
Share Email Address Publicly Without any Spamming Risk

If you have an email address then you have to share it to your friends and family, with the comments that you post in any article or in any social networks. Unless you share it how will they know that what your email id is? Here the main thing, if you share your email address it becomes risky such that the door to internet marketers will be open and other spammers will find your email and they may start sending spams, advertising and may carry some criminal stuffs.

If you want to close the door to spammers then you can follow any of the following process. Let’s see the processes in detail.

Email Icon Generator

Email Icon Generator
Email Icon Generator

The Email Icon Generator is one of the easiest and very useful tricks using which you can share your email addresses without getting spammed. It is one of the online applications which creates a jazzed up image for your email address and protects your id even you distribute it publicly.  It’s an email address into the image generator which is a basic tool for protecting your email address. If you want to use this tool then go to and fill up the box with your email id and after that choose the domain name and hit the generate button. In a while you will see an image for your email address.

Another online tool:

 Share your email in a safe way. Get less spam
Share your email in a safe way. Get less spam is the best online tool or application for protecting your email id being overflowed by hacking scams and spams. allows anyone to convert his email address in forms of URL so that he can share his email without any risk.

How to Use

First of all go to the website and in the email field enter your email address and if you want any short URL put that in the “pick your URL” text box. After that click on “Protect my email”. After a few seconds it will build the URL for your email address. You can use the provided URL in many sites like Facebook, Twitter and even in HTML documents and forums.

If a person clicks on your email’s URL then he will be taken to the page of where he can revealed that URL into your email address.

This process works fine if you want to secure your email address from bots and from being spammed. By using these online tools you can freely distribute your email address without being thoughtful on spamming risk.

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