How to Remove or Delete Facebook Notification

Remove or Delete Facebook Notification

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:47 pm

So you also hate receiving so many notifications right? Well, tell me one thing how are you receiving notifications, by email, by text messages or just when you log into Facebook. Because if you see notifications only when you log into your Facebook account then it is normal but receiving notifications on your mobile phone via text message or in email while working can be problematic. A good idea is to learn how you can remove or delete those notifications. There are different things that you must do in order to make your Facebook life simple and easy. First of all, you should remove all those notifications that are of no use to you. Secondly, you should change settings of your Facebook account in a way that receiving notifications doesn’t become a disturbing experience for you.

Remove or Delete Facebook Notification
Remove or Delete Facebook Notification

Notifications are issued in many cases like when you are tagged in post, when someone comments on a post you created, when someone sends you a message, when someone pokes you or when someone mentions you in a post. By editing your Facebook notification settings, you can easily remove or delete those notifications that are not important at all.

In this post, we will be sharing the process of removing or deleting Facebook notifications with you. Before I go ahead and share the simple to follow guide, I must make it clear that these steps can be changed at any time when Facebook makes some other changes to its interface. As long as, there will be no change from Facebook, these steps will remain the same. So, let’s start our tour and help you get rid of disturbing notifications.

Step 1

First of all, you will have to log into your Facebook account. For this purpose, type in your web browser. Type your email address associated with Facebook and password in required filed to get signed in.

Login in Facebook
Login in Facebook

Step 2

Once you have signed into your account, you will need to look at the top right corner in your profile on home screen. Here you will find a small arrow button, click on it and a drop down menu will appear. From that menu, you should click on “Account Settings”. This will take you to the account settings page where you can decide what to do with your Facebook account.

Account Settings
Account Settings

Step 3

On left side of the page, you will find different options. Find “Notifications” and click on them. This will display a new page called “Notification settings page”.

Step 4

Here you will see an option of “All notifications”. Go to that section and you will find a list of all types of notifications with check boxes in front of them. There will be an Email column and a Mobile column. If you don’t want to receive a certain notifications via email then uncheck the box against that notification under email. For mobile, do the same.

Step 5

Double check the page to find any checkbox that can send notifications on your email or mobile phone. Once satisfied, leave that page and start surfing internet.

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