How to Play Snooker – A signtific Game


Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:10 pm

Snooker is a more scientific game played on a table covered with green cloth with pockets.

How to play a Snooker: A complete table view

It is played using a cue and 22 balls as follows:

  • 15 Red balls with one point each
  • Yellow ball with two points
  • Green ball with three points
  • Brown ball with four points
  • Blue ball with five points
  • Pink ball with six and
  • Black with seven points

A player wins a match when a certain number if frames have been won. If you want to be a good snooker player then this article is right for you. In order to understand the basic techniques such as potting, spin etc you will be capable to improve in both skill and strategy and knowing how to put an opponent under pressure.

Choose a snooker cue

Select the right Snooker Cue

A serious player needs a wooden snooker cue. The best way to go about a snooker cue is by visiting a shop, check various references, and figuring out which ones suits your hand best. Select which is thick on one end and thin at the other end. There are different kinds of woods, different sizes, one piece, and two pieces down the cue and many other variables.

Snooker Cue Tip

The most important part of snooker cue is the tip, as it plays an important role in the game. Always keep an eye on where you put it. A person uses a chalk and has to brush the cue after each ball hits. Most players made it habit to brush the cue tip with the chalk carefully.

Playing Techniques

Playing Techniques & use of Tip

The basic playing techniques are very important that how, to stand, to hold the cue and even how to make a bridge. The professional techniques are essential to make each game better. Always focus on your objective and play the write shots and makes placing for the next shot. Checking the angle to the next ball and correct to the cue ball. These are some standard and elementary tips on how to start with snooker, and should help to get a better feeling during a game.

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