How To Play Games On Google Plus

Play Games on Google+ Like Facebook Games

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 08:43 pm

Play Games on Google+ Like Facebook Games
Play Games on Google+ Like Facebook Games

Finally, Google+ got the games inside it and here is how to play games on Google plus. In fact, most of them only used to open Facebook to
play games. No doubt the gaming has become a popular part of the social networking sites.
Almost two hundred millions out of seven hundred and fifty play games in Facebook in a month.
G+ games can be a challenge to its competitor like Facebook and other online games network.


Google+ is a great place where you can organize your friends in circles, hangout for hours and
now you can play favorite games at Google+. Here are some tips for playing games in G+.

How To Start Playing Google Plus Games?

You can start playing game by clicking the icon just after Google+ circles. To get started with a
game, first time you need to grant the application to get access to your Google+ profile.
Once granted, it will start to load the game, next time you can play those games right from the
left side of games page.

All games in Google+ have multiplayer feature and you can invite your Google friends to join the game.

How to Revoke The Access of The Game?

You can revoke the permission for any time. Just follow the instruction below:

  1. Click Account settings and head to Account overview.
  2.  You should view an option ‘Authorizing applications & sites’ under the Security category.
  3.  Click on the Edit button and it will list up all the applications and sites which you permitted to reach your Google account.

Find out the game from the list and click on the “Revoke Access” and then continue to the tutorial about how to play games on Google plus.

This will keep the application from accessing your Google+ account until you grant the permission again for that game.

All the games allow you to share with your friends.

You can fix the post visibility from your Google plus stream.

Although there is no way to find what games are being played by your friends, you can still
make the guess and join your friend from the Game Stream at the bottom of the page. It allows
to keep any post muted or edit the post status.

A few of the games like Angry Birds, Crime City etc., are included. Google will roll out more interesting games, applications. Meanwhile, try Google+ games.

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