How to manage you YouTube Account

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:34 pm

You can easily operate your YouTube account and make changes in your account, by using YouTube account setting. Here are simple options which are available in account setting.



Step 1: Intro

YouTube account introduction includes how to manage your account. YouTube account is like a control panel from where you are able to edit your video channel or connect with your social network channels.

Step 2: Adjust Profile Setup

Adjust Profile Setup
Adjust Profile Setup

You’re complete information stores in your YouTube account profile, for example your name, picture, age etc. With the help of these details of your YouTube account other people knows about you, that where you live, your age, company, your interest and much more. You have the option to leave the profile details empty if you don’t want to share yourself with the world or disguise your identity.

Step 3: Playback Setup

This option is for account holders with slow internet connections. Now you can change settings to control either you want to watch high quality videos or watch the simple version.

Step 4: Email Option

Email Option
Email Option

This is very useful option and allows the user to change their email address. You can alter, change, update and controls that under what conditions YouTube contacted with you.

Step 5: Privacy setting

Privacy setting
Privacy setting

Through privacy setting, your YouTube account can be monitored. Now you can make your account visible to others or not. You also restrict YouTube about the nature of ads will put in the videos while watching. After making all the changes press save changes button.

Step 6: Blog Setup

From this, now you can connect with other social networks like Google+ and Facebook etc, so your friends are automatically updated when you upload any video.

Step 7: Manage Account

Account status, password change or delete options of YouTube account can be manage from here.

Manage Account
Manage Account

Step 8: Mobile Setup

By using mobile setup option, you will upload your master piece work (videos) straight from your phone to your YouTube account.

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