How to make your Email look more Professional

Email look more Professional

Last updated November 29th, 2014 at 08:20 pm

Your electronic mail address directly reflects on your personality. It is a more modern and time saving method of communication in these days. It can be used both as a personal or business conversation. Email is an extremely important tool for everyone who can use this facility should be aware of how to use and manage.

Email look more Professional
Email look more Professional

There may be so many possible tips to help you in making your work emails more professional, by taking a little time to think about how would be your email address looks like. Now find some of the most importance and useful tips in this tutorial that will definitely help you to convey your image and create your right first impression:

1: Choose Proper Email Address

Try to select your email name relevant to your business or job. It’s always good to give complete name for your email address because your name will define you and who you are, so the better option is to define a professional address. For instance, looks completely unprofessional. Use your full name and don’t use the numbers or any special characters.

2: Including Greetings

If you already know the other person then you don’t have to start emailing with ‘Dear Yasir’, its completely unprofessional style. Add a formal greeting such as ‘Hi Yasir’ or you just write his or her first name. Similarly if you’re writing emails to a client you do not know then use ‘Mr.’ or ‘Mrs.’ with a first name in front of it.

3: Avoid Lengthy Signatures

This is always a good technique that includes only two or four lines for signatures and avoids adding several paragraphs or length biography. If you want to go with a longer signature then you should include a link. This will create a professional look in your email and put a positive impression on the client.

4: Use own Domain

If you are operating your own domain like “” then you should send and receive email with your name for instance, “”. Using this practice you will notice the difference and your client would admire your email and definitely give reply to your mail.

5: To the Point

Your message should be concise and to the relevant point, so keep your message short. If you write long emails then might be your client don’t have time to read it and this will emboss unprofessional impact on your client’s mind. Always try to elaborate your point in a few lines instead of giving a long paragraph. Hopefully this practice makes your email more professional than before.

6: No Additional Formatting

You should always write your email without giving a complex and too much formatting, because it will make your email look unprofessional. So always say no to additional formatting and avoid it to your email message.

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