How to Make Money With BuySellAds Review

Last updated February 27th, 2015 at 11:22 pm is one of the best online advertising network which will be your great option if you have a blog and thinking of making money by selling its space. In reality it is a broker between advertisers and website publishers which will make easy for the advertisers for finding blogs and websites which are suited according to their budget. Website which will be relevant to their services or products are chosen by Advertisers. And by feature those services or products, the website owner can earn lots of money.


How to Make Money With BuySellAds Review

How to Make Money With BuySellAds Review

How to add my blog or website at

If you want to add your blog or website you must have to register an account on After creating an account you will get the authority for providing or adding your URL and you can also change

After the purchase of space from advertisers, in order to display ads, from the BuySellAds an HTML code has to be inserted into the template. The HTML code will be provided by the

What after the submission of my site?

There is a publisher directory where submitted domains are listed for advertising such that any advertiser can find those domains after a search. All the data which can be publicly available are automatically appended by BuySellAds. The publicly available data are:  Alexa rank, Google Page Rank, Compete Rank, number of RSS subscribers.

How Advertisers purchase space on any blog?

The simplest thing BuySellAds has made is in the payment process. In spite of buying advertising space from individuals and providing payments to each one advertiser contacts to BuySellAds who works as a mediator between publishers and advertisers. BuySellAdds purchases ads for publishers and sales it to advertisers. has become one of the best solutions for advertising sector. In common, ads are purchased with the 30 day agreement. The minimum limit for requesting a cash-out is $50.

Good and Bad points of

Good Points

Selling the advertising space on your blog is one of the good points. After creating a account, you do not have to worry about the advertisers and the process for handling ads.

Once your blog is setup and listed in the BuySellAds publisher directory you just have to paste the HTML code provided by them. If you want to automatically approve the ads then there is an option for that and if you want to manually approve the ads then there is also option for it.

And the most important thing is that you do not have to handle any transaction with advertisers because the payments occur through the interface of

If you want then your earning potentiality can be maximized by offering multiple add prices, locations and sizes.

Bad Points

Till date there are no other bad points coined regarding except its charge. Many users have complained that as compensation takes a large percentage of earnings. There was just one complain that this network has charged up to 25% commission.

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