How to Make an Email Signature in Gmail

Make an Email Signature in Gmail

Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:41 pm

An email signature line is attached to the end of each email you send. These lines make your work related email look more professional. You can include anything in signature as your name, email, mobile number, Facebook page address etc. If you’re using Gmail account for your emailing then sit tight and see how to make an email signature in your Gmail in very easy steps.

Make an Email Signature in Gmail
Make an Email Signature in Gmail

Step 1

Step #1: Log in to your Gmail Account.

Open your favorite web browser and log on the Gmail homepage. Give username and password properly as usual.

Step 2

Step #2: Click on Setting Option

Click on the gear type icon on the top right side of the page and choose its “Setting” option.

Step 3

Step #3: Pick the Signature Box from Setting and add text

Next, continue to scroll down the page until you see “Signature” option.

Step 4

In this signature box, you can enter your name, your blog or website URL, your Facebook address or even any private notice as mention in the picture. Now your email signature is set and you’re able to use it with your message.

That’s it! Now you will use your Gmail account with Signature.

That’s it! So simple to add a custom signature to your email messages. This is a tiny but a great way to communicate with your community, potential clients, and readers!

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