How To Make 100s Of Friends On Facebook

Last updated August 27th, 2014 at 09:56 pm

Today, In this present era when Facebook Is ruling out the social world on Internet Everybody Is going behind Facebook to join It. People think that After joining Facebook, They will get some best friends from around the world In no time. Its right that through Facebook anyone can find best friends from around the world but its not easy as it looks. To make friends on Facebook Is a hard task but for our readers can get some tips and tricks to Increase friends In  friend list In Facebook. After reading this article readers will  get answer to question ” How To Make 100s Of Friends On Facebook”.

Make 100s Of Friends On Facebook
Make 100s Of Friends On Facebook

Use Friend Finder:

Use Friend Finder
Use Friend Finder

First of all Facebook users need to use Friend Finder tool available on Facebook.Facebook users can get a lot of benefits of using this tool, first of all, users can find friends nearby when users find friends nearby they will appear to ‘Friends of Friends’ as suggestions by Facebook and from there they can get a lot of Friend requests.In Friend finder tool users can also find friends from the school in which they were studying, they can also find friends working in the same company in which user is working.

Be real:

Be real
Be real

This is a  important thing that user should look real because if user’s profile looks fake than no one will send them a friend request.To give Facebook profile a real look set profile photo with own face, fill the description with beautiful wording and  try to add relatives on timeline.

Join Groups:

Join Groups
Join Groups

This is also a useful trick to get a lot of friend requests on Facebook, Users can join groups of their interest where they should join continued discussion, this contribute in discussion is much important so try to give the best answer, if user succeed in making a good impression on other group mates then user will surely get a lot of Friend request.

Send A  Perfect Request:


Send A  Perfect Request
Send A Perfect Request

This is  important that users should send a  perfect friend request, for example, if user find a girl of its interest in the same group then user should send friend request with a message like that,

‘ Hey Beauty,
I just wonder that you and I are the member of same group then it proves that we have common interest and I’m sure that if you accept my friend request then you find more and special’.

These were the some tips to increase friends on Facebook. I hope our reader will like tips on “How to make 100s of friends on Facebook”.

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