How To Log Off In Windows 8

How to Lock or Log Off PC in Windows 8

Last updated September 4th, 2013 at 06:27 pm

How To Log Off In Windows 8
How To Log Off In Windows 8

Log Off and Lock are one of the oldest features in Windows Operating System. All those who have been using Windows since a long time know it very well that you can Log Off your PC instead of shutting it down when you know that you will be back in some time. You can also lock your PC if you are going out for some work and you will be back in few minutes. These options are there to make sure that you can get access to your work at a fast pace after returning to your PC and meanwhile, it will be in a safe state because either you have Logged off from the PC or it is Locked.


In both cases, any one will need the password in order to get access to the PC. If we talk about Windows 8 then the biggest change in Windows 8 is its User Interface. The experience of using Windows 8 is totally different from the experience of using any previous versions of Windows OS. There are a lot of changes in Windows 8. Those people who were able to use Windows very easily because the positioning of many things never changed in previous versions will find it difficult to locate many old features in new version of Windows that is called Win 8.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that, Windows 8 comes with a little different user interface as compared to the previous versions of Microsoft Windows. So, if you find it a little difficult to understand how to work in this new interface then give it some and you will learn it automatically.

This post is designed in a way so that a reader can learn how to Log Off in Windows 8. The biggest change in windows 8 is the Start Menu. It is totally different and presented in a new way. So, you may find it difficult to locate different things in Start Menu as well.

However, below is the description to Log Off and Lock the PC in Win 8.

1. Go to Start Menu and locate the user Name at top left corner (In Win 8, it is called User Tile).

2. Click or Tap on the User Tile and a Menu will appear with 4 options. (Change user tile, Lock, Log Off, Add user).

3. Choose Log Off if you want to Log off your PC.

4. Choose Lock if you want to Lock your PC.

5. There is a short cut key available for locking the PC. Just Press Windows Logo Key + L and the screen will be locked.

6. You can Log Off or Lock the PC by using another combination of Keys that is known by almost every Window User i.e. ALT+CTRL+DEL.

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