How To install Tumblr Theme In Your Tumblr Blog

Install Tumblr Theme In Your Tumblr Blog
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:04 pm

Themes are the most important part of the blogs of every type. Because theme is the first impression on the readers and everyone knows that “First impression is the last impression”. If your blog design or theme succeed in making a good impression on the visitors when they take first look on the blog then there are 100 chances that visitor visit you blog again. This thing is same as the other things for, example if you have seen “Samsung’s new chrome book” on the internet and it have been succeeded in making a good impression on you by its design then surely you wish to have it, this is same with the blog designs. Some new users of the tumblr do not know how to install tumblr theme in their tumblr blog, we have written this article for them. There are two basic ways to install a new theme in to your tumblr blog. One is installing theme from tumblr themes which tumblr itself provide to its users other way is to install other HTML tumblr themes by editing HTML. We will discuss the both in this tutorial.

Install Tumblr Theme In Your Tumblr Blog
Install Tumblr Theme In Your Tumblr Blog

1: How Install Tumblr theme which are provided by the tumblr itself:

This is a very simple and easy way to install theme in to your tumblr blog. For this you just have to click once. But there are some other steps which you have to do before. First you have to go to your blog with your tumblr account

signed in. There you will see two buttons one dashboard and other customize, there you have to click on “customize”, after clicking on the customize you will see an editing menu with different options. There have to click on the themes in the left side of the screen after this just click on the theme you want to install then save the changes theme will be updated.

2: How to install themes from outside the tumblr themes’ market:

The method above was very easy which requires only one click to install the theme to your tumblr blog. Expect that method what to do when installing theme which are not available in the tumblr theme. This is also a very easy method. Go to theme which you want to install and there will be download theme option if you will at right place. Download the theme and then open the file and copy the HTML code from the file just like shown in the picture below.

After this go to the customize menu of your blog then click on the “edit HTML” here in this section click between the HTML code of the present theme, then press ctrl + a at the same time then press space it will remove the entire HTML code of the present theme. Now press ctrl + v to it will paste the copied code of the theme which you want to install, then save the changes your theme will be updated.

So, these are the quite simple methods describing how to install tumblr theme in your tumblr blog. I hope this tutorial will help you a lot.

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