How to Increase your YouTube videos Views

Increase your YouTube videos Views

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:29 pm

How can I get millions of views on my YouTube video? To answer this here you find some of the techniques or tricks that will help you…

Increase your YouTube videos Views
Increase your YouTube videos Views


Make Friends on YouTube

Adding friends is another superb way to get confirmed views to your videos. When you get more friends than keep informing all of your friends you view your video. This is very slow but very effective practice that you leave comments on the other blogs.

Grow Your Subscribers

Your video can only hit on YouTube, when it has subscribers. A user who will be alerted with an email when they upload a new video is normally known as a Subscriber. A great way to get your views up your videos should spread organically from a hundred people to many others.

Add Annotations to your Videos

Annotations help you to create new users and views to your videos and the right use of annotations can lead you to have much traffic and views.

Tag & Explain your video

Tags are a very important pillar in getting views, always give subject related tags. Because YouTube search with the help of these texts and tags. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google and people could searching your videos right here so make sure you give proper tag, description and title.


The small size image that appears before you click through to a video is commonly known as thumbnails.

Adding attractive, decent and professional thumbnail images in your videos. Which will defiantly increase views.

Funny Videos

Another great way to attract people on your channel is to make fun or fantasy videos. As normally these types of videos can get a huge number of hits and this practice possible increase your video views


This is one that works incredibly; if you leave comments on other videos you will also get comments in response. In the end you’ll find the greatest number of views on your videos.


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