How to Increase Your Google Plus Followers

How to Increase Your Google+ Circles

Last updated January 29th, 2015 at 11:30 pm

How to Increase Your Google Plus Followers


Google+ is the most advanced social network to date, and people are converting to Google Plus day by day, with over more than 100 million users, it is one of the fastest growing social network. It offered the best features as compared to Facebook and Twitter. Before increasing your G+ circle, you must understand the repercussions it will have on your privacy.

How to Increase Your Google Plus Followers

Find Friends and Circle them all:

Adding many people to your circles will result most probably in those people adding you to their circles as well. This uses law of reciprocity, and will increase your circles very quickly. Remember be careful not to start circling every one.

Give Reason

If you have a blank page, you aren’t ready to populate your circles; it is just like starting a new website, which you don’t market until there is something of value to look at.

Circle Back Followers

If you will not circle back all those people who added you in their circles, they might remove you from their circles. Google+ allows you to have circle with different names and groups, just add to a specific circle to which you never want to hear anything.

Entertain and Inspire:

Try to contribute, donate and share quality content that should entertain and inspire everyone in your circles.

Put Google+ Badges on Website or Blog:

When you market website or blog, you are indirectly marketing you Google+ page, like putting Facebook, Twitter, RSS and other social media icons on your website. If they like your content then they will add you to one of their circles.

Don’t Spam

If you have thousands of videos, pictures and other content in your hard drive, then do not post everything in one go. Let the people comes in your circle and wait for your content.

Make Aim to Bring Friends and Contact to G+:

If your friends want a better alternate, then tell them about Google+ and invite contacts and friends from other social networks to join your G+ circles. These practices amazingly increase
your G+ circles in very short time.

Give and Take Policy:

Give positive feedback to content posted by people in your circles, and as a result they will leave comments on your post. This will make you very popular in your friends. As Facebook used the concept of Like, Same as Google+ uses 1+. Make sure that you 1+ the interesting posts in your circles, this will make you popular at the end.

Web Celebrity:

If you have a famous blog or website, or you are celebrity of any type, then try to cash in and let the people know about your Google+ profile. It’s a 1+ guarantee that the above ways will be more helpful to increase your Google+ circles. If not, then you can take back your 1+ from this post.

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