How to increase the number of Twitter followers in a short time

increase the number of Twitter followers

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:58 am

This is not an article that is based upon getting more traffic or more followers on your Twitter profile. This article is full of tips on how to increase your number of followers in a short time. This means that it will tell you how to gain a lot of followers in a short space of time. It is not going to give you long term plans, or long-term solutions to getting Twitter followers.

increase the number of Twitter followers
increase the number of Twitter followers

Interview with a figure of importance

Celebrities have the biggest following on Twitter. Since you are too ugly to be a celebrity, you will have to settle with associating yourself with one. An interview being posted on Twitter is the quickest way to get many followers in a short space of time. If you cannot nab a celebrity then you may have limited success with a political figure. There are still people who are interested in what politicians have to say, so if you can get an interview with one then you will gain a large number of followers in a short space of time.

Lie until your fingers are sore

If you do it right, you will be able to gain quite a strong following very quickly. Do you remember that guy who claimed he was from the future? He gave very laid back but very detailed accounts of what American was like in the future, including the war we were supposed to have. He gained a very big following when it he claimed that the quantum physics “many-worlds” interpretation was correct. He claimed that each event lead to different futures with slight differences, but that were mostly the same.

His claim was proved to be unfalsifiable until the time upon which the events were supposed to happen. Even then, the multiverse theory meant that his timeline could not change, even if he managed to stop the war. He then disappeared off of the face of the earth, which fueled the rumors that the government got him. Either he was lying, or he managed to stop the war, which is why we are not running round in organized shotgun parties on the outskirts of major cities. Either way, the bigger the lie you tell–the better. Just make sure you can keep up the pretense, (read up on John Titor when you get the chance).

Advertise your Twitter profile

Advertise it on search engines with pay per click adverts. Sign up for affiliate programs so that you can advertise your Twitter profile across numerous websites. Add a link and a preview to your Twitter blog onto your emails. Email every friend you have and ask them to follow you on Twitter, and ask them to encourage one of their friends to follow you. Advertise your Twitter profile offline with leaflets or by running an advert in your local media.

Buy an email list of Twitter users

Use this list to spam email the people on it. Make sure that you use a paid emailing system because you will be banned from your usual web provider. Send them one big advert with convincing reasons why they should follow you. You may have a good response rate if you can get past their junk folder and if you write a convincing advert.

Hire a team of writers

Have them write articles on how great your blog on Twitter is and then have them post the articles all over the internet. Make sure the writers are posting the articles on different websites (different names). Make sure that they all contain your Twitter follow handle name, and a link to your most recent Twitter posts.

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