How To Increase Size Limit For System Restore in Windows 7 – Complete Tutorial

Increase Size Limit For System Restore in Windows 7
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:17 pm

System restore is the best feature of the windows by Microsoft in its wonderful operating system for the computers. Sometimes when you install unknown software in your computer or when any virus enter in the system they cause any damage to the system and files or they can also force windows operating system to behave unexpectedly. This feature by Microsoft starts saving the system properties when they are working fine automatically and when your computer do not work fine, you can restore your system properties by using this feature to make your computer work fine. As everybody know that to save the windows files and properties you need “disk space” and for this feature Microsoft have allocated some disk space according to the “hard disk” of the system. “System Restore” use disk space to create “restore points” with the passage of time and when the allocated space for this process complete, it starts deleting previous restore points for making new restore points. If you don not want to let old restore points to delete from the disk then you can increase the size limit for system restore in simple steps. In this tutorial we will tell you that how to increase size limit for system restore in windows 7 and below is the complete guide to it.

Increase Size Limit For System Restore in Windows 7
Increase Size Limit For System Restore in Windows 7

1: Open “System Properties”

First of all you have to open the system properties  by clicking on start> right click on my computer > properties . When the properties window will open then click on the “System Protection” on the right top side of the pane.

2: Setup point 2

After opening system protection window, you will see different options about this feature of windows. First of all make sure that “system protection” is turned on for the partition for which you want to increase the size limit for the system restore. If protection will be on then you will see “On” against the title of the partition as shown in the picture below.

If the protection is not on then you can “on” it by clicking on configure > by checking option “restore system properties and previous files” > click okay. Now its time to increase the size limit for system restore in windows 7.


After turning the protection on again click on the configure to increase size. When the new window will open you will see  “Disk space usage” on the lower side of the window and in this section you can see the “current size allocated for restore purpose” and under this there will be a movable “hover” over a bar. By moving this you can adjust the size for the system restore, you can increase and can also decrease it, increase in size is recommended but decrease is not. After adjusting the system restore size click apply and then on “ok”, the settings will be saved then.

So, this is the tutorial on how to increase the size limit for the system restore in windows 7 – complete guide, we hope this tutorial will help you a lot to keep your system setting on the right side. But you should stay in touch with us because there is coming more.

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