How To Hide Your Page Likes On Facebook Timeline


Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:52 pm

How To Hide Your Page Likes On Facebook Timeline
How To Hide Your Page Likes On Facebook Timeline

If you have taken a closer look at the new Facebook Timeline that is not very new anymore then you
must have noticed that there is a tab on the screen that shows which pages you have liked. Well, we all
like different pages and if I talk about myself, every time I come across a good page, I don’t waste any
time in liking it. In previous profile view, I had no choice to show or hide any pages that I liked but in the
new Timeline view of Facebook, a user has the liberty to decide which pages he would like to show at his
Facebook timeline and which pages he would like to hide.


You must be thinking that why would you want to hide the pages you like from people that are friends
with you on Facebook. Well, it is quite simple to understand. I’m very much into bodybuilding and
though, I don’t really have a good physique, I always try to get motivation for which I have liked many
bodybuilding pages. I’m a male so of course, I have liked male bodybuilding pages but given the fact
that I’m a male bodybuilder, I’m supposed to have interest in female bodybuilder’s right? I have liked a
couple of female bodybuilding pages but I never wanted my friends to see those pages on my timeline
and you know why.

If you have added some pages in your favorites then you will find them in different categories like books,
music, television, games, movies, sports teams, athletes, activities, inspirational, interests, and much
more. However, on the bottom, you will see that there is a link saying “Other Pages You Like” and once
you will click on that link, you will get a list of all those pages that you have liked. Not only you can see
those pages but all your friends can also see what pages you have liked.

How to hide your page likes on Facebook

There is a show called voice that I love but I know that many people will call me crazy if I tell them I’m in
love with that show and I have also liked their Facebook page. I went into that page and found two more
pages of other artists that I really liked so I ended up liking their pages as well. Now, I wanted to hide
those pages from appearing at my Facebook Timeline. Let me tell you how I did that.

1. Click on the Likes tab on your Timeline and then roll your mouse cursor towards the top right corner
of the tab so an Edit button will appear.

2. Use the drop down menu and select Custom or Only Me.

3. Just scroll down the favorites list and find the link “Other Pages You Like” and you will also find a drop
down button there to customize the settings of your liked pages.

4. Click “Done Editing” once you are finished and the pages will no longer be shown on your timeline.

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