How To Hide My Facebook Activity

How To Hide My Facebook Activity

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:52 pm

How To Hide My Facebook Activity
How To Hide My Facebook Activity

So, you want to hide your activity from Facebook. Well, there are many reasons for which a person
may not want to show their activity to their friends on Facebook but we will not go into the details of
all those reasons. In this post, we are going to discuss some basic reasons for which a person may want
to hide his Facebook activity and also we will tell you how you can hide your activity from Facebook as well.


A friend of mine had a project in hand and he was quite sure that he will be able to complete that
project very easily. Somehow, he got distracted and couldn’t complete the project on time. I must
mention here that the friend of mine is a big social media junky. He cannot even spend an hour without
tweeting about what he is dong or sharing his thoughts on Facebook. If you add him on Facebook as a
friend, he will keep your time line rolling with his public updates, YouTube videos, funny pictures, and
most importantly check-ins of all those places he visits. So, no matter where he goes, I always know
what he is doing or what he is thinking because everything is available on his Facebook activity.

Such an active person, you must be thinking but let me tell you that this activity can be really expensive
at times. Remember about the project he took and committed to complete? Well, I have already told
you that he got distracted and BAM! He was way ahead of his deadline but project was nowhere near its

The funniest part was he had also added his client on Facebook as a friend. So, while he was telling the
client about difficulties he is facing in life and he needed more time to complete the project, he was still
having a lot of fun by visiting different places and sharing everything on his Facebook profile. I don’t
know how he went so blind that he couldn’t even think that the client of his will also be watching his
activity on Facebook. And this is the same thing that happened, the client realized that there were no
problems in his life and he was actually being lazy and unprofessional towards the work. Of course, the
project was cancelled and then my friend came to me asking about how to hide his Facebook activity.


I told him how to hide the activity so let me share that information with you too.

By going to settings and clicking on “manage” that is next to privacy, you can select what people will see
about you and why they will not see. You can go through your profile content and decide what should
be visible to friends and what should be hidden.

These are the direction that you will need to follow.

Settings> Privacy Settings> News Feed and Wall> Customize

Once you will reach to the required section, you will get to know what you need to do in order to hide your activity from your Facebook timeline.

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