How To get Targeted Facebook Fans and Likes – Some Great Tips

How To get Targeted Facebook Fans and Likes

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:41 pm

If you have got a Facebook page that you want to market then there are different solutions for you. There are two main things that you need to consider. You may be running a general page where you can share any kind of content with your fans or you may be running a business page which means the content you share should be relevant to your business/ products. Once you have determined what kind of page you are running, it is time to work on the policy of bringing more fans and likes towards your Facebook page. As I have already said, there are different ways to make your Facebook page popular and bring more likes and fans.


Below are some of the tips that can really help you get targeted likes and fans on your page.

How To get Targeted Facebook Fans and Likes
How To get Targeted Facebook Fans and Likes

Share Quality Content

If you want to get targeted fans for your Facebook page, you have to share quality content. Keep in mind that you are not running an amateur page where you can share almost anything. If you are representing your business through Facebook page then you have to make sure that all the content shared on your page is relevant to your business. Your followers will not be interesting in such content that has got nothing to do with them.

Market your Page on targeted sites

Another way to bring targeted fans towards your website is by marketing your page on targeted websites. You can definitely ask your friends and family members to invite their friends to like your page but this is not how you can get targeted fans towards your page. In order to bring targeted likes on your page, you will have to find those websites/ blogs that are working in the same niche as yours. This way, you can bring a lot of targeted fans towards your page.

Don’t buy Fans and Likes

One of the biggest mistakes often made by people is to buy Facebook likes and fans. There is no doubt that you can easily get thousands of likes on your page with the help of such websites that sell Facebook likes and fans but you should also keep in mind that such fans are not targeted fans. Most of those people may not even know why they have liked your page. It means, those people will never be interested in what you are sharing on the page.

Put up a like box on your blog

One of the best ways to bring targeted likes on your Facebook page is by adding a like box on your website. This way, all those people who visit your website will also be able to like your Facebook page. It can be easily understood that likes coming from your website will be targeted likes. These are the kind of fans that you actually need for your blog. Every time you will share something on your page, these fans will definitely like it and comment on the posts as well. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.