How to Get More Traffic from Social Media

Get More Traffic from Social Media

Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:44 pm

In your traffic acquisition strategy you may want to consider Facebook–the world’s biggest social media platform; Facebook can be very interesting. With millions of members, this social network is indeed a great source of traffic and a good element to expand your social referencing. The great thing is that most of the advice for gaining more traffic on Facebook will also apply to most of the other social media. This may be because Facebook was the first social media to enjoy widespread success and all the other are a derivative of it, or it may be because Facebook is so close to being a perfect social network that all of the others had to follow its example. Whatever the reason, here are some tips that apply perfectly to Facebook, as well as apply to a multitude of other social media.

Get More Traffic from Social Media
Get More Traffic from Social Media

Have fans and friends

To receive visits via Facebook, having a page with lots of fans is a good start. To get there you have two options. You can try the artificial acquisition fans or the natural acquisition of fans. The first solution is to use exchange sites. This is a free platform where you get likes and fans in return for liking and following other users. It is better than buying Facebook like, fans and friends via companies that sell them, because they are not held by real Facebook users. This system of like/fan exchange allows you to quickly get hundreds of fans for your page (artificially).

The concern is that these fans are not natural and will not be very committed. They “like” your page just for so that you will “like” them in exchange. Their commitment goes no deeper than that. The second solution (natural visits) is much more effective as it enables visits from people over the long term. The idea here is to facilitate the maximum “like” numbers for your profile, which can be used to drive traffic to your blog/website simultaneously.

“Likes” outside of social media

Facebook is not the only one to use the “like” system. Others use the system too, with one of the biggest being YouTube. You can add a “like” button to your blog or website too if you like. If you get people to “like” your website/blog, or get them to comment on your site then it will show up on their social media. This will act like a little advert for your social media profile and the website in question. This will increase traffic to both your social media profile and your website.

Post at the right time

This is the motto of many social media networks. Attendance on your blog/website or social media profile is not continuous throughout the day. You may have peaks at certain times of the day and on certain days of the week. Your fans will not be continuously connected; they are more or less likely to log on around their timeline depending on the time of day. You must post your items at the best time; the time you know they are the most online in numerous amounts.


Do a test in order to identify the right time for the fans of my page. There are testing and analytic programs available for all of the social media sites that you can use. As each social media is different, you can also do tests to see what time your community is most active. You can also see what time your blog gets more visits because it is likely that there is a correlation between this time and that of Facebook.

Encourage sharing

You can receive visits from sharing your articles. Indeed, with buttons such as “Like” or “Recommend”, you give your visitors the possibility to share your articles around. This is a common feature of Twitter, and is known as a Re-tweet. They will not do it consciously, that is to say, they will not necessarily be sharing your articles directly in some cases. For example when they click a Facebook “like” button, a Facebook history is created. This will display their “like” in a timeline for their friends to see.

Increase your “share” chances to get your name out there

To maximize the chances of sharing you may try the technique of posting funny content. The items you post may be a bit atypical, but this can sometimes be very good if they are humorous, satirical or even fantastic, you will often shares for this kind of article.


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