How to edit your Youtube videos on Youtube

edit your Youtube videos

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:34 pm

YouTube gives an excellent video editor to edit its videos. It is free online tool to make or edit your video with features like video clips, music and transition also shorten the clips. No matter if you don’t have any experience just follow simple steps mention below and enjoy your videos more effective then before.

edit your Youtube videos
edit your Youtube videos

Step #1: Upload the video

Upload the video
Upload the video

You first need to upload your video or you’ve already uploaded to YouTube.

Step #2: Pointing browser to YouTube Video Editor

Below the video camera icon, you will see all uploaded videos to YouTube. They will be in order based on date of publication. This is ‘Media Picker’ area and if you want to preview a video editing, then simply put mouse over the video and click the play button.

Step #3: Drag & Drop

There is a area called ‘storyboard’ under the media picker, where you can edit your videos. Only 7 videos you can add in it.


Step #4: Edit

If you want to edit a YouTube video clip, You roll over the mouse on video and press scissor icon.

Step #5: Adding Effects

To Adding effects in  your video, press on wand icon and you can adjust brightness and contrast the clip. Click Save and thats it you’ve done.

Step #6: Adding Audio

If you want to add audio to your YouTube video, click on audio icon preview it first and then add to your video. Select a song by ‘+’ icon, remember that you can only select one song per video. You can also delete the music by pressing ‘x’ icon.

Step #7: Title & Publish

When you finished  then add a suitable and relevant title to your video. This is very important step because your video can only be accessed through this title. Then click ‘Publish’ next to your project title. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.