How to Edit or Change Text by Using Adobe Acrobat


Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:46 pm

The Adobe Acrobat is the perfect tool for quick and simple edits. It is recommended that it is better to use this tool as a last hope when there is no other way of editing the PDF files, because Adobe Acrobat’s several versions gained quite a bad reputation of their errors present in touch-up Text tool.

Edit or Change Text by Using Adobe Acrobat
Edit or Change Text by Using Adobe Acrobat

There are lots of people having troubles with trying to figure out how to edit PDF files. If you want to edit a PDF file, then you may have the full and complete version of Adobe Acrobat,  Abode Acrobat is the main tool used for edit PDF file. It is less costly but very intelligent and this tool knows how to handle any situation of your need and requirement.

It is very easy to use or you can edit PDF files smoothly and there are a number of features to get used to. With this software, you can open your PDF file, edit and save it directly. PDF files are foe viewing not for editing.

Now here you find some important steps that how to edit your PDF (Portable Document Files) files as follows.

Step 1

Download and install latest Adobe Acrobat version  Pro or Stand.

Step  2

Open the document in which you want to edit or change the text. Determine what text needs to be changed.

Step 3

Click the “Tools” menu from the Menu bar at the top of your screen.

Step 4

Go to Edit Text & Object -> “Add or Edit Text Box”.

Step 5

You could add text to a PDF file after the Typewriter dialogue pops up. You just need to put the mouse position where you need to add or edit the text in PDF file.

Step 6

When you complete your work then Save the added text in another PDF file. Then click on File-> Save As-> Reader Extended PDF-> Enable Adding Text in Document from the menu bar.

We recommend PDF files be converted to a DOC or RTF or any other format before editing them and saved as an updated PDF file after edited.

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