How to Download YouTube Videos Easily


Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:33 pm

YouTube is one of the famous video streaming website in the world. It has search features and a wide range of videos and you can easily download these videos for free. Remember that, there is a limit of two downloads per hour, and once an hour has passed the mp4 button will appear again for more download videos. The paid download option is no more available and you are allowed to offer their videos for download without certain fee.


You can post text comments or a video response to the videos; you can now enjoy viewing videos from your browsers directly with embedded html code and video streaming technology. With a number of benefits and features offer by YouTube, but one feature that YouTube does not provide and that is to let you download the video. Here you find a tutorial on how to download and save the video for future viewing when you are offline.

Download YouTube Videos
Download YouTube Videos


Instruction #1:

Open your favorite browser and logon to Enter keywords in the search box on the home page to find a desire video you want to view.


Instruction #2:

Select a video that you want to download, now click on the URL in the navigation bar and insert a word ‘kiss’ before YouTube.

For example,

you would change that to


Instruction #3:

Download from the link provided and make sure that you already have a free FLV video player or you can download any video player.


Instruction #4:

Now you can enjoy the video downloading and save it to your computer for offline watching. Enjoy!  And keep it simple.

One thing always kept in mind that the standard file format that YouTube use to play on their website is, flash video format. Windows media player might not be able to play the video; you can play these videos in FLV player as mention in instruction #3. Download and install it on the computer you will be able to watch the video you saved just now.

Now sit tight and enjoy the movie!

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