How To Disable People From Writing On My Facebook Wall

Disable People From Writing On My Facebook Wall

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:47 pm

To be honest with you, I really don’t like someone writing anything on my Facebook wall. I know that this is a social platform and it must be a rude behavior if I don’t allow someone to post their message on my wall but this is something that I just don’t like and it often freaks me out. As a solution, I have disabled everyone to write anything on my wall. If you also want to get rid of all those people posting spam links on your website then my suggestion to you is to disable wall posting. Don’t let anyone post anything on your wall because if someone will have something important to say to you, they will use private message box.

Disable People From Writing On My Facebook Wall
Disable People From Writing On My Facebook Wall

In this post, I will be discussing two things with you people. First, why I hate people posting on my wall and what could be your reason to disable wall posting and second, how to disable people from posting on your Facebook timeline.

Disable People From Writing On My Facebook Wall
Disable People From Writing On My Facebook Wall

I have a long story but I will try to make it short because I don’t want you to get bored at all. I’m a freelance writer which means that I am mostly sitting in front of my laptop and writing content for myself, for my blog or for my clients. Being a freelance worker, you are supposed to keep in touch with people and clients through social media and this is where problem begins. In the beginning, I noticed a couple of clients posting on my timeline about status of the work which was very creepy because they could have emailed me or sent me a private message. My timeline is a collection of my personal stuff and experience and I don’t want to ruin it with professional discussion or to be more precise with such discussion that is supposed to be done in private.

So, I decided to disable everyone from posting on my wall. Below, I will show you how you can also disable others to post anything on your wall.

First of all, look at the top right corner of your Facebook screen where you will find an arrow pointing down wards. Click on that arrow and a drop down menu will appear.

From the drop down menu, find out privacy settings and click on them.

This will open a new window in front of you where you will see different privacy options or categories.

Here you will have to find “Timeline and Tagging”. Once you locate it, look in front of that option and you will find a link “Edit Settings”.

Click on that link and a new message box will appear in front of you.

From this box, locate “Who can post on your timeline” and change it to “No One” if you want no one to post on your timeline.
Above described method is very simple and easy to follow. Keep in mind that this method will work only until Facebook makes some other changes to its interface so stay tuned for latest updates.

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