How To Create Google+ Page

Create Google+ Page

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:56 pm

If you haven’t yet established a Google+ page for your business then it is high time that you make one. A few of you may not know that not only fan/ business pages can be made on Facebook but Google+ is also offering these services. There are many reasons to establish your business page on Google+ but we will not go into details here because our main aim is to learn about creating a Google+ page.
We have prepared a simple and easy to follow tutorial for all of you about creating a Google+ page. Once you are on “create a page” at Google+, you will have to select a category for your page. However, you are supposed to have a Google+ profile in order to create a page. So, if you don’t have a personal Google+ profile then make one first.

Create Google+ Page
Create Google+ Page

Pick a category

Pick a Category
Pick a Category

There are five main categories that you can pick while creating a Google+ page.

1. Local Business or Place

If you are running a local business like a hotel, place, store, restaurant or providing some services then you should select this category. Once you have chosen the category, you will be asked to pick the country where your business is established and also to provide a primary phone number. If your business is not already listed in Google places then add it manually.

Local Business or Place
Local Business or Place

2. Product or Brand

If you sell apparel, electronics, cars or financial services then your business will fall under Product or Brand category.

Product or Brand
Product or Brand

This is where you have to add the name of your page and your website address. Make sure that you select the right category. You can change the category afterwards but it is better to select an appropriate one to keep away from hassle.

3. Company, Institution or Organization

After that, there is a next category which includes Institution, Company or Organization. There will be more sub categories like sole-proprietorship or non-profit organization. It is totally up to you that which category you would like to choose for your company here.

4. Arts, Entertainment or Sports

If you are going to run your page for movies, entertainment and TV shows etc. then a good idea will be to put it under Arts, Entertainment or Sports category. Once you have chosen the category, add the name of your page and provide the web URL to complete the fields. If you are not sure, you can simply select Entertainment or Others.

5. Other

After reviewing all the categories if you think that your page doesn’t fit any of those then you can simply select “Other”. Here you can simply insert your page name and website URL without any more questions or sub categories.
You are also required to check a box that ensures that if your content is suitable for under 18 Google+ users or not. Be responsible while checking or unchecking the box. You will also need to agree with terms and conditions of Google+ pages in order to make your page operative.

We hope that above tutorial was helpful for you. Have any questions? Leave us a comment.

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