How to Create and Share Interest Lists on Facebook

Create Facebook interest List

Interest Lists allow users to organize or customize their News Feed by subscribing to their favorite interests. For instance, a user could create a “Tech News” Interest List, adding to its roundpulse page network, as well as the profiles of their favorite writers to which they subscribe. In simple words, Interest Lists consist of pages and people who are relevant to a specific topic.

Create Facebook interest List
Create Facebook interest List

Facebook interest lists have more grips for users to see what’s in their News Feed; it allows you to group your friends together. Note it down that this Interest List do not work in your fan page, because it only operates your personal page. So, how do you create your own Facebook Interest List and subscribe to others? To find the answer follow the steps mentioned:


#1: Facebook Interest Lists

First go to the Facebook homepage, and view the ‘Interests’ option in the left sidebar. This Interest section has two parts:

  • Subscriptions
  • Add Interests

#2: Click Add Interest

When you click on Add Interests option, then you will have the options either to create or add a list. But here we begins from the zero and go for create a list first.

#3: Click ‘Create a List’

 When you click on the ‘Create a List’ link, a page will open where you can customize you list. You can choose to add friends, fan page or subscriptions to your list. When you make a list, you should go through Face book’s provided topics and make a note of anyone you’d like to follow.


#4: Name your List

Give a proper or relevant name to your list. For instance, if you want to give the name of your Interest List, “Tech News” try,

#5: Select Privacy setting

Now you will see the three check box options. Choose Public option if you want others to be able to subscribe and click done.

Once you click done, the list will be created and added to the page that displays all of your interest lists:

You can access the ‘Interests’ in your left bar by giving this URL in your address bar,


Sharing Your Interest List


You can also share your Interest list with your friends by simply doing this:

  • Go to Home -> Interests -> More -> Click on the name of the list
  • Click Share at the top of the page.


After learning this tutorial you definitely know, how to create and share Interest Lists, if you have any question or problem then do give me reply in the comments area below. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.