How To Create A Wireless Home Network Without Any Router

Wireless Home Network Without Any Router

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:22 pm

Today in this world people mostly like to across the limits in every type of works. For example in this world of technology, we use clouds with the help of internet to save our data and then after saving data in the clouds we can access it anywhere in the world using an internet connection. But for the people who have more then one machine in their home, for example mostly people have a laptop along with a PC, what if you want to access the files and internet options of the one computer in your home on other computer computer in your home? Mostly people consider “Router” as answer to this question but there is an other option for this process, which do not require a Router and mostly this method is used by the “internet cafe” owners. But this method is quite easy and very useful if you want to share internet accessibility options and files and folders with other computers in your home. Today we are going to present a complete step by step guide on How To Create A Wireless Home Network Without Any Router, and we are presenting this tutorial specially for the windows 7 users but users of other operating systems can also get an idea to this process from this article. Below is complete guide on how to create a wireless home network without a router.

Wireless Home Network Without Any Router
Wireless Home Network Without Any Router


Setup 1

First of all as usual go to the place where is the settings box of the windows, We mean go to the “Control Panel” , In the control panel you will see different menus for different types of the tasks, but you have to go down the screen and have to click on the “Network and Sharing center”. There in this Network center lies everything about the networking of the windows. Then after this click on the “set up a connection or network” when the new window will appear on the screen, Now move onto the next point.

Create A Wireless Home Network
Create A Wireless Home Network

Setup 2

After Clicking on the “Set up a new connection or network” a new window will open, in which you will see different options for different types of networks and connections. There in this menu you have to click on the “Set Up A wireless ad-hoc (computer to computer) network” as shown in the picture below, this option will be at number 4 in the options there.


Setup 3

After clicking on the required type of network in the options you will see another window, which show the set up options for this type of network. In the first step “set up” will give you the introduction to the ad-hoc network, for the next step click on the next on the lower right side of the window. After this a New window will open in which you have to put the details of the network, like name, security type and security key. Enter the name which you want to give it but when you come to the security type then “WPA2-Personal” is recommended and after this enter a security key which include letters like /;’)(-= and other difficult to judge letters. After filling all of the details click on next.


Setup 4

After clicking on the next your network will be ready to use, but never forget to “turn on internet connection sharing” in this last window. After this close the window and enjoy internet accessibility sharing and file n folder sharing between the computer.

To check this access point simply open other computer and open “this network” by entering the security key and see the magic.

So, this is the tutorial on how to create a wireless home network without any router between the computers of your home, we hope this tutorial will help you a lot but just stay in touch with us because there is coming more.

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