How to Connect Two Windows 7 Computers on LAN

Connect Two Windows 7 Computers on LAN

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 08:49 pm

If you have a multiple computers with Windows 7 at home or maybe you have a Workgroup then you must have to transfer your important documents from one PC to another. If you don’t know the best way of transferring data then your job will be tedious.


Following Alternatives can be Used while Transferring Data.

  1. The USB drive is mostly used while transferring files or documents from one computer to another. But the main drawback of this media is that the limited space. USB drive will not fit for large data. You have to break your data into parts and transfer all the parts. The speed of data transfer is much slower in USB drive in comparison with hard disk.
  2. The Dropbox is one of the great tools to sync files but without internet connection Dropbox is useless.

Both the procedures are slow, so you need a fast and reliable way to transfer your files. Ethernet cable can be your best choice. Ethernet cable is just a simple cable whose both ends are connected with RJ45 clip.

The Different Configurations of Ethernet cable are:

Connect Two Windows 7 Computers on LAN
Connect Two Windows 7 Computers on LAN

  1. Straight-through cable
  2. Crossover cable

In various purposes straight-through cable can be used but the crossover cable can only be used for file transferring purposes.

Now let’s discuss how to use an Ethernet cable to transfer files, pictures, folders, images, videos etc. Between two Windows 7 computers by connecting them on LAN.

How to Create a Home Network

Things that are needed:

  1. A crossover cable. (We are using a crossover cable. You can use straight cable.)
  2. Two computers which support network card and must have an Ethernet driver installed.

Let’s Configure the Computer

Follow the given steps to configure your computer so that you will be able to make a LAN and connect different computers using Ethernet cable.

Below are the steps involved in configuring your computer to connect them on a LAN using Ethernet cable.

Step 1

First of all you have to assign different IP address to the computers in order to connect them. The IP address of a computer can be changed by making changes in the LAN adapter settings.

To do this

Go to “start menu” and open “Control panel” after that click on Network and Internet and then click on “Network and Sharing center“.

Click on “change adapter settings

Select your LAN adaptor and go to its Properties by right clicking on it.

A Properties box for Local Area Connection will appears. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4 under its Network Tab and click on its properties button.

Check for Use the following IP address and set the address as below:

At the first computer (Let’s say, Computer 1):

IP address:

Subnet mask:

At the second computer (Let’s say, Computer 2):

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Step 2

If you have completed configuring IPs in your computers then now it’s turn to connect them. To do so you have to first connect the two ends of cable in the Ethernet port of each computer. And after doing so apply the following steps:

From the start menu Select Properties after the right click on Computer. A system properties window will open.

Click on “Change setting“and a new tab of system properties will open and on that window click on the Change button under the Computer Name tab and assign a WORKGROUP. You should assign the same name of the Workgroup. If the name is different it will not work.

Restart both computers and after that double click on the Network icon. You will see your second computer denoting icon in first computer and the first computer denoting icon in the second computer.

If you get a message to turn on the Network Discovery and file Sharing, click
 on that pop-up and select “make the network a private network”. In this case, it will be better if you restart your computers.

Just double click if you see another computer in the Network computer window. If it is protected with password you will only get access to the shared folder if you enter the correct user name and password of that computer.

On the network you can share folders and files with other computers. To do this right click on the file or folder and select Share with > Homegroup. The best thing of sharing is that you can share a total drive. To do so just do as how you share files or folders, Right click on it and select Share with > Homegroup.

Congratulation you have successfully connected Two Windows 7 Computers on a LAN. Sharing of data in LAN is easy and fast. Now on you don’t have to break your data into parts like you have to do while transferring data using USB Drive. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.