How to Confirm the Email Address is Fake or Invalid


Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:06 pm

An email address is said to be an email box where email messages will be delivered. An email address looks like The part before at “@” sign is said to be local part of an address and the part after at “@” sign is said to be domain part. The local part of an email address is case sensitive but the domain part is not.


People may use a fake email address for strolling or accessing your confidential data.  So it is very important that before going through any link which is provided in the email content, first check the email address from which the mail has been received. Who knows about the link there may be some malicious application or may be any stuff related to hacking.

So before replying or clicking on the link of the message, don’t forget to verify the email address from which you have received the message. Suppose you choose to check whether it is verified or not, you can paste that email address in some of the web applications which detect invalid or fake email ids’ or you can check whether the id is fake or not by pinging it. This process is simple and totally reliable.

If you want to ping an email address then here goes the steps:

1) If you are using Windows XP then by default Telnet is enabled but if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you must enable Telnet. If you want to enable it follow the steps mention in following diagram

2) After enabling Telnet open the Command prompt and run the given command.

nslookup –type=mx

3) MX records will be extracted by this command and will be listed as follows: MX preference=10, exchanger = MX preference=5, exchanger = MX preference=20, exchanger = MX preference=30, exchanger =

4) You can choose one of the server among the above MX records, the preference level with the lowest value will be the best option.

telnet 25

5) After the Telnet connection say hello


6) After that give your email  address for identification:

mail from:<>

7) Type the email address of the targeted one

rcpt to: <>

After the rcpt to command you will get a server response from which you will get the information about the email address: whether it is valid or not. If the email address which you have provided exists in the real world then you will get a OK mentioning response and if the email does not exist then 550 errors will be returned. For example:

If you try for then you will get a message that the email account does not exist to which you tried to reach.

And if you try for then it will inform you that the email account which you tried to reach has been disabled.

Simply using these steps you can check for any email address and get the information about its existence. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.