How to add or upload files to Dropbox?


Last updated January 29th, 2015 at 01:10 am

So you are finally convinced that you need a cloud storage service and also the product that you are going to use is Dropbox right? but you dont know How to add or upload files to Dropbox? Well, I must congratulate you in that case because out of all the cloud storage services that are available out there, Dropbox has always been my favorite and it will always remain the same to me. People are now saying that Dropbox is quite expensive and all that stuff but I’m least bothered about all this gossip because Dropbox does for me what no other services can do. Today, I will be discussing a great feature of Dropbox with you that I have briefly touched in my previous posts. I must tell you that with Dropbox, you can so many different things and most of those things are really awesome. So stay tuned and keep reading this article as I walk you through the process of adding your files to your Dropbox folder.


How to add or upload files to Dropbox?

How to add or upload files to Dropbox?

There are basically two ways to add your files or folders to Dropbox. Either you can add them directly from your computer or you can upload the files on Dropbox website. It doesn’t matter how you would like to do it, the process is very simple. In this post, I will guide you about that process and I’m sure that it will be no trouble for you to add your files to your Dropbox folder again.

I will try to make sure that this tutorial is not only simple to read but to follow as well. So, without wasting any more time, let us start the tutorial and teach you how you can add or upload your files and folders into your Dropbox account.

On Windows

If you want to add files or folders directly from your computer then you will have to install the desktop application of Dropbox. All you need to do is to download the Dropbox desktop application and then install it in your computer. It will create a Dropbox folder in your computer and this is where you will be required to store your files.

You can simply open the Dropbox folder in your computer and drag all those files into it that you want to store into your Dropbox account.

I suggest you to make different folders inside your main Dropbox folder so you can organize your data and keep it in a proper way. In this way, it will become easier to find any information that is important for you. Use this folder just like you use any other folder on your computer and soon you will get addicted to DropboxJ.

add or upload Files to Dropbox on windows

On the Dropbox website

Another way of adding your files and folders into your Dropbox folder is to go through Dropbox website. This is not a difficult process as well.

First of all, you should open Dropbox website and login using your account information.

On next screen, you fill find information about the files and folders that you have saved in your Dropbox account. Here you will also find an icon to upload your files. Click on this icon and then you can select any file to upload in your Dropbox folder.

add or upload files on dropbox website

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