How To Add Facebook Like Box and Twitter Follow Button in Tumblr Blog

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As tumblr does not provide too many features for blogging like other blogging networks provide like wordpress and blogger, So sometime it looks  too much weird to users when they need some third party tool in the blog. The reason why people use it tumblr is its easy way to blog and its social network. The same thing is with those tumblr bloggers who want to add Facebook page like box on their tumblr blog, they most of them fail to do so because there is no widget like html box in blogger and wordpress in tumblr. But you can add can add facebook like box in your tumblr blog if you will follow the steps below. In this tutorial we are going to  present a step by step guide guide to our readers on “How to Add Facebook like box in your Tumblr blog”. So, lets start discussing this topic now.

Add Facebook Like Box and Twitter Follow Button in Tumblr Blog
Add Facebook Like Box and Twitter Follow Button in Tumblr Blog

1: Go To Facebook

Facebook Like Box
Facebook Like Box

First of  all go to Facebook and login to your Facebook profile, if don’t have one then make a new account there. After logging in, search for “Facebook Like Box” on Any search engine then go to the link and you will be on Facebook’s developers account. There put the url of your Facebook fan  page in the the page url bar and edit the box according to your needs.


After getting the perfect result Click on “Get Code” Below and then click on” iFrame” And “copy” all the code.

2: Go to Tumblr

Now go to your tumblr blog with your account signed in. Go to that blog in which you want to add like box of your facebook fan page. Then click on the customize button at the right top of the the blog that will display only when you are sign in. After a page will open where you can set your blog.

Click on “Edit HTML” there as shown in the picture. Then Go down the HTML and find the code <!– .layout-decor –> then put the iframe code between ending div(</div>) and  ending layout tag. Then click on the save changes and return to your blog to see the magic.

On your blog you will find the Facebook like box in the footer which will really looks cool and beautiful. So that is the solution to your problem of not having Facebook fan page like box in your Tumlr blog, hope you will like It.

3: How To Put Twitter Follow Button

Now go to the developers site of twitter and find twitter buttons there. Then you will find different types of twitter follow button select the button of your choice, fill the details and copy the code. Then Come To  the tumblr blog, click on “customize”, then on edit  HTML and paste the code right below the Facebook iFrame code. Be careful upon putting code a little mistake can destroy all of your blog design, just follow these steps t do the right. After putting code save the theme and go to blog and see the twitter follower button right along the Facebook fan page like box.

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