How Focusing On Hot Topics Can Increase Customer Database And Sales

Increase Customer Database

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

In order to keep your customers satisfied with your services and also give them an impression that you are aware about latest trends in the market, you should keep sending emails about hot topics. Let’s assume that you run Dog Food selling business. You will definitely be sending out marketing emails everyday but do you add any flavor those emails? Are you sure that your email marketing strategy will help you increase customer database with the passage of time? It is really important to keep reviewing email marketing strategies adopted by your company so you can improve them with the passage of time. If you are sending out dull marketing emails to your customers and you showcase some of your best products then your customers will get bored with them. Your goal is to make your recipients open the emails, read the message and buy your products.


You can draft your marketing emails around hot topics and that will definitely help you increase customer database in the long run. Find some cool ideas below.

Increase Customer Database

What is happening in the financial sector? – Increase customer database

It doesn’t matter what kind of products you sell or services you offer to your customers, you need to be sure about what is happening in financial market. If the economy is going down, it will not only affect your personal finances and business budgets but your customers will be affected too. You should learn the art of molding news into a marketing email. Let’s assume that Forex market is going down every day and it is worrying you and your customers. You can definitely analyze its effect on your products/ services thus you can give a good advice to your customers. You can revise the pricing of your products, tweak them a little and tell your customers how much hard work you have put in to come up with affordable products in such hard economic condition.

Convert showbiz news into a marketing email about your products

There is always something new happening in the showbiz industry and you are supposed to take advantage of that. If you sell dog products on your website and you find out that some of the famous personalities also have pet dogs then you can start following such news. As soon you find something interesting about those pet dogs owned by celebrities, you can add something new in your product range (that resembles with those celebrity owned dogs). Your email title then can become “*Celebrity’s* Dog wears stylish collar – Buy it from here”. This will definitely increase your sales and improve your customer database as well.

Talk about latest technology and relate your product

With every passing day, new tech gadgets are being introduced in the market. Everyone loves to buy a stylish smartphone or download an interactive app in their phone/ tablet. Assuming that you are still in that Dog items business, you can come up with a GPS collar for dogs that can be monitored with the help of smartphone app. This will definitely boost your sales and bring a lot of new customers towards your business. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.