How do I recover my Facebook login password?

How do I recover my Facebook log in password?

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:49 pm

So you have forgotten your Facebook login information? Well, this has happened with me a couple of times but it was only when I was new to Facebook. Now I know how to remember my Facebook ID and password because I use same email address and customized passwords for my online account. However, if you are unable to remember your email or password then the tutorial given in this post can help you recover that information easily.

How do I recover my Facebook log in password?
How do I recover my Facebook log in password?


Facebook log in password reset

Type “” in your browser window to get directed towards Facebook homepage. Here you will find a link to reset your password. Just look below the Email and Password fields and you will find a link “Forgot your password?” This is the link that you need to click to proceed.

recover my Facebook log in password
recover my Facebook log in password

The first step that you will have to do in this process is to enter the CAPTCHA correctly. Facebook uses this technique to prevent hackers from using automated cracking software programs.

In next screen, you will be required to enter your email address which you used to login into your Facebook account or the mobile number that was associated with your account. After that, press the continue button.

Here you will click on “Reset my password” and Facebook will present the next step to you. Within a minute, you will receive an email from Facebook or a message on your mobile phone about a code that you need to insert in order to reset your password. Copy that code and paste it in the required filed and after that press Submit.

If you have entered the right code then Facebook will let you reset your password so you can go ahead and have access to your account.

Above mentioned method is the proper way to get access to your Facebook account. It must be noted here that if you want to recover your old password then it is not going to happen because Facebook will always require you to use a new password for your account.
There are some other ways to gain access to your Facebook account but we will not go into their details in this post because this post is solely written for the purpose to guide you about recovering your forgotten Facebook login credentials.

Once you have recovered your account, make sure that you don’t forget your password again. There are different to remember your password. For instance, you can use a simple technique by setting same passwords for all your online accounts. This may not be a good idea because if one of your accounts gets hacked, other will be easy to crack as well. Set a complicated password for your account and save it somewhere in your computer or write it down on a paper and keep it in your wallet.

If you use cloud computing then you can make a file, insert all your passwords in that file and save it online. In this way, you will be able to access that file easily from anywhere in the world.

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