How Can I Convert a Blog into eBook

Convert a Blog into eBook

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 08:51 pm

The word “Blog” is said to be derived from “Web Log”. In this world maximum internet user has their favorite blogs which they visit daily. And there is a huge amount of blog in the internet. These blogs are categorized in different category such as personal blog, professional blog, education blog, medical blog, sports blog etc. Among the above categories you can visit any blog of your interest and take the information. But if you do not have enough time to read blogs online, in past it used to create a trouble. But don’t worry; now you can read blogs offline by converting into Electronic Book in short eBook.

Convert a Blog into eBook
Convert a Blog into eBook

Advantages of eBook

The best advantage of an eBook is that it will be handy even you do not have enough time for internet suffering. You can also convert the page of your favorite blog into an eBook, and read them on your electronic gadgets like laptop, iPods, Smartphones and so on.

Similarly, when you find some interesting article on your favorite blog and want to keep it’s paper version of that so that you can read that stuff again and again to follow the step guide at any time and from anywhere. The best thing will be to convert that blog into eBook.

Tool to convert Blog into PDF

An online tool called “Book smith” can convert any blog into a PDF file format eBook. This application is free and simple in use which will converts whole blog into eBook after following few easy steps. There is no any registering procedure to use this application. Just visit Book Smith and start creating eBook of any blog on following steps the following steps..

  1. Go to the website

    Convert your blog posts into your first e book
    Convert your blog posts into your first e book
  2. To initiate the process click on the start button

    Put the URL of the blog in the address field of which you want to make the PDF. You can also select the number of post or select the post by the date of the post .Then fill the Captcha code correctly. The meaning to fill-in Captcha code is to prove that the process is being carried out by humans. And after that click on “Get posts”.

  3. After that Book Smith will start to fetch the posts from the URL. When the process will be finished, by selecting the check boxes you can choose any post which you to exclude from the eBook and which to include.

  4. Now, the next part is the customization part where you have to decide whether you will include the blog post image and the date of publishing into the eBook or not. Here you can also add the title, subtitle, name of author name and many more.

  5. Finally, click on “create my book”. Depending upon the volume of the pages it will take some time.

After completing all of the above steps, your eBook will be ready for downloading. You can download the eBook on that current time or you can save that book as for downloading in the future. If you want to download that book in future then you must create an account in their site. You can sign up for that or you can use your existing Facebook account.

Is there any problem

The main point to be considered while making eBook from a site is that this service uses the RSS feed to create eBook so the websites which has partial contents in its RSS feed will have eBook only with partial contents. And the websites which serves their contents with RSS can create eBook with full contents or they can create their full flexible eBook.

More for blogger

If you own a blog then you can create a complete eBook of your blog  just by providing them your username and password for the blog.

Isn’t this good news that using Book Smith you can provide an eBook of your blog with best articles for your readers? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.